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Breathe in This Fresh "Air": Long Story Short on Desoto Jones' New Single

Desoto Jones is not your typical Philly band. They’re rugged and filled with vitality. Blending the roots of grunge and classic American rock, they write songs you can rock out to. Desoto Jones recently signed to Revolver Records, the label responsible for signing other notable names such as The Stone Roses, Misfits, and Sister Sledge. They’ve just released their first track with the label in September, “Air,” which already achieved radio play on Alt. 104.5, Philadelphia’s biggest alternative rock station. Here’s all you need to know about the track.


Lead Vocals: Owen Staszewski

Guitar: Adam Staszewski

Guitar: Greg Townsend

Bass: Ean Kyler

Drums: Matt Weber

Songwriting: Owen Staszewski, Adam Staszewski

In the words of Desoto Jones: “Written during the pandemic, the band collaborated remotely sending demos back and forth. "Air" was composed individually through headphones at home rather than in a loud practice room, inspiring thoughtful lyrics looking at the passage of time and the values of the band.”

LONG STORY SHORT: “Air” evokes ‘90s style grunge rock giving the listener a feeling of nostalgia and angst; while the lyrics are introspective, with Staszewski’s singing the chorus, “It’s air/nothing’s really there/it’s only just a voice.” But the guitar solo at 3:09-3:36 stole the show with clean production and a great guitar tone.


Stream "Air" below!


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