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Colin Peterik Starting His Own Legacy: Releases Debut Album "Everything and Nothing"

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Colin Peterik comes from a musical family, and a very successful one too. Being the son of famed songwriter Jim Peterik, founder of The Ides of March (“Vehicle”) and Survivor (“Eye of the Tiger”), Colin is determined to write his own legacy. As a child, he survived on a steady diet of blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock and used those influences to mold his sound while also embodying the Chicago grit he grew up on. Peterik also founded The Jam Lab Studio and venue in the Chicago suburbs in 2012. Colin explains, “My goal is to inspire others with music the way that I have been inspired and in that way…Pass the torch of musical expression while leaving my stamp on the rich tapestry of popular music.” Colin Peterik has learned a lot from his many years in the music industry, from touring with bands from OK Go, Steve Miller Band, Cherry Glazerr, and Alan Parsons Project, but he is now ready for his solo career.

Releasing his first full-length debut album, Everything and Nothing, Colin Peterik delivers. The title track, "Everything and Nothing," is the fifth off the record that will 'wow' you with both production and musicality. The track makes you feel like you're walking through rooms with music swirling around you. Starting with Peterik's distant vocals and tender piano, at 0:24, his vocals become crisp and move closer as you seem to walk into the room Colin is performing in. At 0:52, full instrumentation enters, where you think the song will stay, but instead, you're constantly spun in a tasteful musical web. Peterik seems to cull great inspiration from The Beatles within his song structure and within the similar imagery to "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" as he sings, "Only to find impossibilities, sweet red lemon trees/Believe it or not, the sky had just stopped spinning." The lyricism is heavy, discussing the confrontation of mortality as Colin sings, "The final page at the end of our days/Everything and nothing/Duality of living easy or enlightened with the curse and gift/Of knowing we exist," giving the listener a lot to digest for a short 2:56 song.

LONG STORY SHORT: "Everything and Nothing" is an impressive track. Colin Peterik's attention to detail in his songwriting and arrangement will keep you coming back for another listen.


Stream "Everything and Nothing" below!


Written, Performed: Colin Peterik Mixed: Craig Bauer (Grammy Award Winning Mixer, Engineer & Producer)


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