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Cam Blake's Concept Album 'SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS': An Internal Dialogue Blending Electronica, Driving Synths, and Angsty Rock

Cam Blake's journey through music has been a whirlwind of creativity and performance. Since 2018, he and his band have traveled across Canada on a tour and shared stages with renowned acts at festivals such as the Barnside Harvest Festival and Khatsahlano Street Party. Leading up to his sophomore album's release, Cam Blake treated fans to a trilogy of singles — "GRAVITY" featuring MNRK pop-rock artist Cody Lawless, followed by "RED TAPE," and the highly anticipated "ANOTHER DESPERATE WORLD TURNED TO NOTHINGNESS." We recently sat down with Cam Blake chatting about the Five Fast Facts on his upcoming release. Now that SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS is officially released, let's dive into this new record!

Cam Blake Live Commodore credit Megan Magdalena

Photo Credit: Megan Magdalena


Production, Recording, Mix: Cam Blake

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane

Songwriting: Cam Blake

Co-writing on "GRAVITY": Cody Lawless and Bob D'Eith

Vocals and Instruments: Cam Blake

Bass on "WE'VE ALREADY LOST THE WAR": Zach Wismer

Featured Verse vocals on "GRAVITY": Cody Lawless

Strings, Synth Solo on "GRAVITY": Bob D'Eith

Photos by: Luke Beach Bown of First Floor Collective

Artwork Editing: Maxwell Blanche Recorded at Adagio Studios Canada and Dawson Loveless' House

"Special thanks to my live band: Zach Wismer, Charlie Romanoff, Lars Pehar Sands, Reece Dickson ® & © 2024 Adagio Music Inc. / Cam Blake"

In the words of Cam Blake:

"SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS takes place within an infinitely repeating day. Following the frustrating and convoluted internal dialogue people face on a daily basis, like constantly looking at their phones all day for some kind of redemption or being bombarded and distracted with media and political dribble, or being subjected to stupid trends and people you can’t help but compare yourself to. Hating your job. Having a relationship that isn’t working out the way you want it to…you fall asleep, everything washes away and you start it all over again."

Photo by - Luke Beach Bown  Edited by - Max Boonch

Photo by - Luke Beach Bown Edited by - Max Boonch

LONG STORY SHORT: Cam Blake's SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS takes listeners on a journey, starting with the tranquil 2:24 instrumental track, "GOOD MORNING," reminiscent of a meditative awakening. "GRAVITY" channels influences from The 1975, offering funky, danceable rhythms and quick-witted vocals, evoking vibrant summer vibes with its synth-heavy soundscapes, while "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" features '80s vibes, similar to Tory Lanez's Alone at Prom. The title track presents an ominous tone with beat-heavy instrumentation, complemented by vocals that delicately dance around the rhythm. "WE'VE ALREADY LOST THE WAR" stands out with its fierce drive and electrifying guitars, topped with lush vocals. As the album draws to a close, "WAKE UP" delivers poignant introspection, questioning reality, "Confused on which reality I'm living/I’m just not sure why/I’m here at all/Wake up." Throughout Cam Blake's SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS, the production remains captivating, blending upbeat melodies, angst-ridden rock elements, and rich backgrounds, reflecting the thoughts and conversations within our minds. 




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