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Five Fast Facts with Cam Blake on his upcoming Sophomore Release 'SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS’

Cam Blake's musical journey has been a whirlwind of performance and creativity, gracing iconic venues such as The Fox Cabaret, The Biltmore, and The Rickshaw Theatre with his band since the early days of 2018. Taking his sound across the nation, Cam embarked on a Canadian tour in support of his debut album, sharing stages with esteemed acts at festivals like the Barnside Harvest Festival and Khatsahlano Street Party, where he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of The Sheepdogs, Yukon Blonde, and Pink Mountaintops. In December 2023, Cam Blake performed an electrifying set alongside Peach Pit and Young Friend at the legendary Commodore Ballroom, cementing his presence in the Vancouver music scene. And as anticipation reached its peak, Cam Blake unleashed a trilogy of singles — "GRAVITY" featuring MNRK pop-rock artist Cody Lawless, followed by "RED TAPE," and the eagerly awaited "ANOTHER DESPERATE WORLD TURNED TO NOTHINGNESS." Now, with upcoming release of his sophomore album, "SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS," out May 3rd, Cam Blake sits down with Stef for Five Fast Facts on his upcoming release!

Cam Blake-Photo Credit: Nessy

Photo Credit: Nessy

SJ: Hi Cam! We’re so excited about your upcoming release, SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS and we’re looking forward to learning more about it!

CB: Hello :) Thank you so much for having me on!

1. SJ: Last we spoke you had just released your second single off the album “RED TAPE.” Now with the full album out officially on May 3rd, what are you most excited about for this release?

CB: I’m most excited for people to hear a style of music I haven’t really shown before. I wanted to create something that felt very real and told a cohesive story. I think I was able to achieve that on this record.  

2. SJ: With this being your second album, how would you say this album differs from your debut record? Are there any big changes stylistically or in the songwriting?

CB: On my first record Bad Vacation I was really interested in making indie, pop, rock, etc. I felt inspired to write about love, heartbreak, and things like that. With this album, I just wanted to make something that felt true to myself and to the wide range of music, I was listening to and being influenced by at the time. I also wanted to make a point as well in the writing process to speak about things that I thought a lot about but hadn’t touched on too much in past projects - like global warming, existentialism, and capitalism.        

Satisfaction of Sameness: Photo by - Luke Beach Bown  Edited by - Max Boonch

Photo by: Luke Beach Bown | Edited by: Max Boonch

3. SJ: Sophomore records are notorious for coming with their own set of challenges, especially if the debut was a success. What would you say has been your biggest challenge with SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS? How did you overcome it?

CB: I felt a bit of non-existent external pressure to release more music that was “on brand”. But honestly this album just kinda fell into place in terms of writing and recording. The main challenge was trying to figure out how and when to release it. I struggled a bit with the visual element for sure, but with a lot of help from Arkin and Luke from First Floor Collective and my good friend Gavin Avenue, I was able to have videos, covers, live videos, etc. that I am extremely proud of!

4. SJ: You’ve described this record as, "taking place within an infinitely repeating day." Can you explain more about the story behind this?

CB:  This album is trying to confront and examine a thought process throughout a day. The clashing of ideas within one’s head, trying to find balance. The first song "GOOD MORNING" is an ambient and almost cinematic-sounding introduction. I wanted this song to bring the listener into the world I tried to create. The first single "GRAVITY" then kicks in. This song represents a feeling of confidence and excitement towards life, yet still feeling like something is looming overhead. As you make your way through the rest of the album those lingering feelings begin to arise. As you finish the last song, "HOLDING ON’ (WAKE UP)" the song then transitions directly back into the beginning of the album. Beginning the day again. 

5. SJ: What is one feature you wish you could have gotten for the album? On any song in particular?

CB:  If I could have meat computer do a feature on “RED TAPE” that would be fire.

SJ: What’s next for Cam Blake? Any summer shows or festivals?

CB: I have a release show on June 1st at The Rickshaw Theater with FKA Rayne, Passion Mango, and Tiger really that I am so excited about (Check it out here). Other than that I'm beginning to plan a Canadian tour and I’m sure there will be a lot of Vancouver shows this summer as well.

SJ: Thank you so much for talking with us about SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS! We can’t wait until May 3rd!

CB: Thank you for letting me talk about the record. Thank you so much!


Listen to Cam Blake below!


Production, Recording, Mix: Cam Blake

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane

Songwriting: Cam Blake

Co-writing on "GRAVITY": Cody Lawless and Bob D'Eith

Vocals and Instruments: Cam Blake

Bass on "WE'VE ALREADY LOST THE WAR": Zach Wismer

Featured Verse vocals on "GRAVITY": Cody Lawless

Strings, Synth Solo on "GRAVITY": Bob D'Eith

Photos by: Luke Beach Bown of First Floor Collective Artwork Editing: Maxwell Blanche Recorded at Adagio Studios Canada and Dawson Loveless' House

"Special thanks to my live band: Zach Wismer, Charlie Romanoff, Lars Pehar Sands, Reece Dickson ® & © 2024 Adagio Music Inc. / Cam Blake"


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