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Five Fast Facts: Cam Blake "RED TAPE"

Growing up in a musical family, Cam Blake began crafting music at the age of eight. As a versatile artist, Cam seamlessly blends indie/alternative rock, electronic, and hyperpop influences into his compositions, showcasing a dynamic creative vision. Currently based in The Greater Vancouver Area, Cam dedicates himself to the artistry of music, from writing and performing to recording and collaborating with fellow musicians. His 2021 debut indie rock album, Bad Vacation, co-produced with Sam Cutri of Perth, Australia, left a lasting impact, featuring collaborations with established artists like Young Friend, Ludic, and Molly Annelle, accumulating over 150,000 streams and securing airtime on both Canadian commercial and American campus radio. Having toured Western Canada and participated in various festivals, Cam Blake eagerly anticipates the release of his sophomore album, "SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS," in early 2024, reflecting his enduring passion and commitment to artistic exploration within the Canadian music scene. Stef caught up with Cam Blake for Five Fast Facts on his latest single, "RED TAPE," out today!

Red Tape

SJ: Hey Cam! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us about your musical journey and latest single!

1. SJ: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in music? What was your first spark in music?

CB: My parents introduced me to great music at a young age. I was listening to The Police, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, and so many other great bands as early as my memories began. The first time I felt really inspired to start pursuing music as a career was when I took a ‘School of Rock’ class in high school. I joined it with one of my best friends Zach Wismer, we met in kindergarten and we still play music together to this day. This class gave us the chance to play shows in front of our peers and parents and get used to playing and putting on events.

2. SJ: You just released your latest single "RED TAPE." What is the story behind this single?

CB: I wrote this song in the summer of 2021 during one of the worst wildfire seasons BC had ever seen. At the time I was living at my other lifelong best friend’s (Dawson Loveless) house and it was the first year he had joined the BC wildfire team in Revelstoke. I remember feeling very helpless - as many Canadians did, watching the beautiful wildlife in BC burn to the ground. For many days that summer people were urged to stay inside because we had the worst air quality in the world due to the smoke.   

"RED TAPE" represents helplessly leaving the responsibility of delaying impending global catastrophe in the hands of the more powerful and intellectual. As well as the hurdles that are put in place at an individual level to make meaningful change; and succumbing to the pressures of living a mundane life.

"RED TAPE" Cam Blake

3. SJ: What was the songwriting process like for this song? Was it written more collaboratively or individually?

CB: This song as well as the rest of the song on this album were a result of many years of writing and recording on my own, working towards making a record that really felt like it was mine. I wanted to create something that told a vivid story and gave listeners a bit of insight into the fears I and many others of this generation face. I wrote all of these songs over the course of about 6 months in 2021 and then in May 2022 I spent three weeks living in Victoria with my girlfriend and finished all the final production and mixing.

4. SJ: What did your recording process look like for this track? Does this process change or remain the same throughout your releases?

CB: Most songs I make start as a simple phrase or concept, then I will write something on guitar as a foundation or mess with samples until something sounds somewhat interesting. Once I have the beginnings of a progression I will find a suitable melody and write the rest of the parts to complement it. This method is fairly consistent, although it really depends on what kind of song I’m trying to create.   

Previous single "GRAVITY" Official Music Video Featuring Cody Lawless & Mythos

5. SJ: What’s one song you wish Cam Blake wrote?

CM: I’ve recently fallen in love with the way Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief writes music. I don't necessarily feel like I wish I wrote anyone else’s songs but I love the song "Symbol" off the album abysskiss. She has a way of writing that is so beautiful and inspiring. 

SJ: So What’s Next for Cam Blake?!

CB: I have been working on putting my album ‘SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS’ out for some time now and I’m very excited for people to finally hear it. The next single "ANOTHER DESPERATE WORLD TURNED TO NOTHINGNESS" comes out on March 1st. I’m also in the midst of planning my first tour in the UK in mid-late May of 2024 for this release and I cannot wait for it! 

SJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk! Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

CB: Thank you so much!


Listen to "RED TAPE" below!


Songwriting, Production, Recording: Cam Blake

Mastering: Brock Mcfarlane of CPS Mastering


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