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Already Topping Spotify Playlists, Australia's 'jnr.' Releases a New Single "U Stay On My Mind"

Ben Silva is 'jnr.' an Australian pop singer-songwriter aiming to create soundscapes. His influences include The 1975, Bon Iver, Tame Impala, and BROCKHAMPTON, and they can all be heard in jnr.’s own indie pop/rock. Beginning only last year, jnr. released six singles which are already gaining traction. His sounds can be found across popular Spotify editorial playlists, including New Music Friday and Pop n’ Fresh. He also played two sold-out opening slots at the Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar in the same week! His latest release, “U Stay On My Mind,” was written with his friend and producer, Nico Scali. jnr. explains this track is his most vulnerable yet. This release is also paired with a music video shot on retro 16mm film starring jnr. with Laura Brogan Browne. Let’s get into “U Stay On My Mind.”

Photo Credit: Roger Stonehouse

"U Stay On My Mind"

Songwriting: jnr., Nico Scali

Production: jnr., Nico Scali

Electric Guitar: Max Jacobs

Additional Vocals: Nico Scali

Mixed: Nico Mendoza

Mastered: Madalyn Henly

In the words of jnr.: "This is my most personal song to date and I honestly didn't think people would get it. I'm a big fan of the whole crying on the dance floor approach to writing songs, and this is probably my best example of it."

Photo Credit: Zoe Dubuc

LONG STORY SHORT: You can see why jnr. has received excellent editorial playlist placements. The song starts immediately, not wasting any time before jumping into this summery hit. "U Stay On My Mind" is a sugar-coated indie pop/rock track that is easy listening and radio-friendly. While it does cover a relationship torn apart by addiction, singing, "When you're always high/(Does it feel good?)/And you're getting tired/(Gotta be pure)/Of dinner plate eyes/And wondering how you're gonna die, still", it adds an upbeat flare with just the right amount of guitar and synth, perfect for any listener. This new single is already added to our playlists!


Stream "U Stay On My Mind" below!

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With his undeniable talent and the buzz surrounding his music, jnr. is an artist to watch as he continues to make waves in the indie pop/rock scene, captivating listeners with his heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies. And to make your musician's popularity grow even more, you need to use spotify promotion -

Me gusta
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