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Start "Dreaming" with Monique Angele and Escape Life's Stress in her New Single

A rising star hailing from Canada and Australia, Monique Angele's signature blend of operatic piano pop sets her apart. With a captivating fusion of classical finesse and contemporary allure, her music resonates with audiences worldwide. Behind each note lies a narrative woven with precision and passion, reflecting Monique's journey of self-discovery and resilience. Influenced by icons such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Queen, Monique's music defies genre boundaries, offering a genuine and vulnerable glimpse into her soul. Angele's latest single, "Dreaming," released May 3rd, offers an escape from the stresses of life. Let's step into the single!   

Monique Angele PC Shawn Burgess

Photo Credit: Shawn Burgess


Written, Performed: Monique Angele

Produced, Mixed: Sean Peter O’Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions

Mastered: Joseph Carra from Crystal Mastering

Artwork: Shawn Burgess

In the words of Monique Angele: "I wrote this song back when I was living in Australia. I felt like the lyrics of this song just flowed and came out easily. I felt like creating a theme about daydreaming and living in a blissful state of mind when everything around you is stressful or complicated."

Monique Angele "Dreaming" Album Art PC Shawn Burgess

LONG STORY SHORT: "Dreaming" by Monique Angele feels like an ethereal journey. Opening with the delicate interplay of moving piano chords and Monquie's classic operatic vocals, the song gently draws listeners into its embrace. As it progresses, "Dreaming" evolves into a dynamic tapestry of sound, incorporating driving drums, lush backing vocals, and a biting guitar lead that adds an electrifying edge. Against a backdrop of rhythmic verses, Monique's pop-rock sensibilities shine. At its core, "Dreaming" delivers a message of hope and resilience, reminding listeners to find solace in the bliss of dreaming amidst the chaos of life's demands. With its uplifting refrain—" got nothing else/we might as well just lose ourselves/dreaming"—the song serves as a beacon of positivity, offering a much-needed escape from the pressures of the world.

Monique Angele Covers Pink Floyd


Stream "Dreaming" below!


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