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Grab Your Map and Join Luke Whalen Navigating Life Through His Debut Record, 'Going Through thEmotions'

Luke Whalen emerges as a beacon of authenticity in the pop/indie music scene, hailing from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Beyond his love for music and art, Luke imbues each song with raw emotion and genuine passion, forging a profound connection with his audience. With a background deeply rooted in family influences and a personal dedication to every aspect of his craft, Luke's music resonates and relates to his listeners, whether it's through a single lyric or an entire song. Following the success of his debut EP, Maybe This is Who I Am, Luke now invites his audience to dive into his latest album, Going Through thEmotions, just released on April 17th. This album promises introspection, growth, and the compelling power of genuine storytelling, marking another milestone in Luke Whalen's journey.

Luke Whalen by Cole Lindsey

Photo Credit: Cole Lindsey

Luke Whalen's debut album, Going Through thEmotions, is a heartfelt journey through the highs and lows of human emotion. The album opens with "Slow," an R&B-infused track that sets the tone with its sultry vocals and laid-back energy, inviting listeners into Whalen's intimate world. Transitioning seamlessly into "Diamonds," the pulsing beat and upbeat tempo juxtapose with lyrics that delve into the weight of one's own thoughts, particularly in moments of solitude with lyrics like, "Thoughts in my brain, I can't contain, They come and go/feel myself shake, start to sway when I feel alone."

"The album is meant to show that no matter how you’re feeling, it’s okay that you’re feeling that way, as it’s a part of life. For me, going through the motions is going through emotions, which is where the album gets its clever title from."

This introspective theme continues with "Abyss," a poignant ballad featuring strong piano melodies and confessional lyrics, offering a glimpse into the struggles of navigating through life's darker moments.

As the album progresses, tracks like "Brother" highlight Whalen's autobiographical storytelling, and "Timelines" features his impressive vocal displays over guitar-driven melodies.

Going Through thEmotions Album Art-luke whalen

Album Art: Cade Littleton

"Say it With Me" resonates deeply with its moving piano accompaniment and emotive lyrics, capturing the agonizing feeling of longing for someone's presence. After, in track seven, "getting something off my chest freestyle (Interlude)," close your eyes, you might even mistake it for Post Malone!

Throughout Going Through thEmotions, Whalen's sincerity shines through, with each track offering a window into his innermost thoughts and emotions. From the haunting minimalism of "Believe" to the regretful introspection of "Worthless," Whalen's lyrics explore universal themes of love, loss, and self-discovery with honesty and depth. As Whalen himself states, "I wanted to make this album to be able to connect with my listeners on another level and possibly help them with how they're feeling."

Closing with "Time," the album comes full circle, culminating in a haunting yet cathartic reflection on the struggles of being misunderstood, "Thoughts in my brain, I can't contain, They come and go/feel myself shake, start to sway when I feel alone." With its nylon string guitar plucking and ethereal harmonies, "Time" encapsulates the overarching theme of the album.

LONG STORY SHORT: Overall, Going Through thEmotions presents a diverse range of tracks, blending upbeat, beat-driven compositions with introspective ballads. Luke Whalen's buttery vocals effortlessly navigate both the faster-paced verses and the slower, confessional tunes, with each track offering a succinct yet poignant exploration of human emotion.

Luke Whalen by Cole Lindsey

Photo Credit: Cole Lindsey


Stream Going Through thEmotions below! 


Songwriting: Luke Whalen

Production: sk8miles

Mastering: plusforty8


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