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Pete's Diary "Keep On Rockin'": Driving Riffs, Rhythms, and Ripping Solos

Pete's Diary, an independent Chicago rock trio, is gearing up to release their debut album, "Keep On Rockin'" on June 14th. Assisting in the creative journey were Keith Nelson, the founding guitarist of Buckcherry, who contributed to the writing, recording, and production, alongside the mixing expertise of Mike Fraser, renowned for his collaborations with AC/DC. The band's moniker, Pete's Diary, finds its roots in the personal journey of Peter Dankelson, whose medical diary and motivational speaking have inspired many. Despite facing challenges such as hearing loss and physical disabilities, Dankelson, often referred to as "Angus Jr.," persevered, teaching himself to play guitar and penning the Amazon bestseller "How I Learned to Rock My Life." Alongside Dankelson, Mac McRae lends his talents on lead vocals and bass, while Ryan "Rocky" Johnson keeps the rhythm pulsating on drums. With over 800K followers, fans are anticipating this record to capture the essence of the golden era of rock. Earlier this month the band released the title track of the record, let's dive in! 

Pete's Diary Photo Credit: Gene Steinman

Photo Credit: Gene Steinman

"Keep On Rockin'"

Mac McRae: Vocals, Bass

Peter Dankelson: Guitar

Ryan “Rocky” Johnson: Drums

Recorded at Ollywood Studios, Los Angeles USA

Produced by: Keith Nelson

Engineered by: Jun Murakawa

Mixed by: Mike Fraser at Armoury Studios

Mastered by: Billy Joe Bowers

Lyrics & Composition by: Peter Dankelson, Mac McRae, Keith Nelson

Publishing Rights: Peter Dankelson, Mac McRae, Ryan “Rocky” Johnson, Keith Nelson

Management: Dede Dankelson, Pete’s Diary LLC, Chicago USA

©Pete’s Diary LLC 2023

In the words of Pete's Diary: "Keep On Rockin' is everything you loved about early Van Halen."

Pete's Diary "Keep On Rockin'" Designed by Krystal Penney - Photography by Alex Dale, WCE Creations

Album Art Credit: Designed by Krystal Penney - Photography by Alex Dale, WCE Creations

LONG STORY SHORT: Pete's Diary's latest single, "Keep On Rockin'," channels the essence of classic rock legends like AC/DC, while introducing their sound to a fresh, younger audience. The track builds upon the foundation laid by these iconic bands, infusing it with driving riffs, pulsating rhythms, and pure vocals. With tight production, the song maintains a polished and cohesive sound while guitarist Peter Dankelson delivers ripping solos. Amidst the energetic instrumentation, the song carries a positive message, urging listeners to live in the moment and embrace the joy of rocking out with the refrain, ""It doesn’t matter what you say/ Cuz I’m livin’ for today/ That’s why/ Tonight You gotta keep on rockin’."’ With its classic rock vigor and nostalgic charm, "Keep On Rockin'" is a testament to the enduring appeal of timeless rock music.

Pete's Diary in the studio


Stream "Keep On Rockin'" below!

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Garold Rafa
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