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"climbing" Out of Your Rut: Join retrovale. on a Sonic Journey from Stagnation to Hope

From the heart of Central Jersey, retrovale. emerges as a dynamic trio that has been steadily carving their unique path in the world of alternative rock and indie music since their formation in 2019. Comprising Xaviar Miller's rhythmic mastery on drums, Steven Checco's grooving basslines, and the soulful vocals and gripping guitar work of Jeffrey Cherian, retrovale. thrives on an unbridled passion for crafting fresh, genre-defying tunes. Their music is a captivating fusion of eclectic influences, serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound and style. Let’s dive into one of the tracks from their latest EP, "colors.," and explore the penultimate track, "climbing."

retrovale.-Photo Credit: Alejandro Rolsales

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rolsales

retrovale.'s "climbing" is a 5-minute and 26-second musical journey. The track opens with a thought-provoking soundscape, featuring snippets of speaking and a baby crying, accompanied by an almost eerie guitar riff, as if you're stealthily entering a room.

At 0:26, the drums enter with a subtle yet persistent presence, drawing you deeper into the song's enigmatic embrace. Then, at 0:52, you're cradled with the warmth of the vocals. The track maintains an upbeat tempo, driven by a plucking guitar riff that adds an element of catchiness to its sonic tapestry.

retrovale.'s Jeff talked about "climbing," and said [the band is] "really proud that we were able to create a song like this. It's very reminiscent of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead, a band we're fond of, and in a way, we wear our influences on our shoulders from time to time. The song Is about how to get out of a rut in your life."

retrovale. EP 'colors.'

As the song progresses, it navigates the turmoil of feeling stuck, as depicted in lines like "Standing on the edge of somewhere going on.../It’s not solid ground/Maybe I could use somebody." There's an urgent and honest narrative throughout, with cries for salvation and connection in lyrics like "Save me/Hold me/I’m so alone."

Around the 3:11 mark, "climbing" seems to metamorphosis, shifting from a story of being trapped to one of hope as the lead vocalist repeats, "Climbing out that hole," ushering in a surge of intensity with heavier guitars and more forceful drums.

At 4:16, the song takes a poignant turn, washing over the listener with gentler instrumentation and whispers of change and positivity. The lines, "Maybe I can exist outside these lines I tried so hard to fit in/..Maybe all I needed was you," resonate deeply, suggesting that liberation and fulfillment may lie in breaking free from self-imposed limitations.

LONG STORY SHORT: retrovale.'s "climbing" is a multifaceted and emotionally charged musical journey. With its intricate soundscapes, heartfelt lyricism, and a dynamic progression that mirrors the ups and downs of life, that is not only captivating but also deeply resonant.


Stream "climbing" below!


Music: Jeffrey Cherian, Xaviar Miller, Steven Checco

Lyrics: Jeffrey Cherian

Recording: 0x1 Studios - Randy Ball & Jason Ruch

Mixing, Mastering: Xaviar Miller


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