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Dark Intrigue Meets Relentless Ferocity in Saving Vice's Latest Single "Blood or Wine?"

From the picturesque landscapes of Vermont, and emerging from the vibrant New England metal scene, comes the band Saving Vice. Formed in 2017, this band has been an independent force thanks to their electrifying, high-octane stage performances. With a growing national presence marked by two triumphant headlining tours across the United States, numerous festival showcases, and notable collaborations alongside esteemed figures in the genre, Saving Vice's impact is undeniable. Their music, a captivating blend of classic '09 metalcore elements and avant-garde contemporary influences, exudes a charm that evokes both nostalgia and a sense of innovation. By crafting poignant lyrics that delve into the harsh truths of addiction, loss, and heartbreak, Saving Vice skillfully weaves compositions that effortlessly merge grace and melody with unabashed ferocity and obscurity.

Saving Vice Image Credit: Evan Middleton

Image Credit: Evan Middleton

"Blood or Wine?"

Written By: Saving Vice

Recording, Production: Saving Vice Vocals: Tyler Small

Guitar/Vocals: Robbie Litchfield

Drums: Sam Whelton

In the words of Guitarist Robbie Litchfield: "When a band makes a big return - especially to kick off a new album cycle - you want your material to be an upgrade in every way possible, so there was definitely a lot of pressure for me to get everything perfect in terms of the song’s production and mix, the latter being something I’d never done for an A-side Saving Vice release before. It was also very challenging to work “in the dark” and have a limited pool of people to talk with about it, but I can’t express how rewarding it feels to have it finally released to the world and have Saving Vice officially back on the grid.”

Video Directed by Alex Kouvatsos of Black Wolf Imaging

LONG STORY SHORT: Saving Vice's latest single, "Blood or Wine?" thrusts listeners into a realm of dark intrigue and relentless intensity. Beginning with a spine-chilling evil laugh, the track establishes its tone with tightly executed drums that act as a driving force. The vocals take center stage, oscillating between a foreboding, ominous voice and the throaty screams of the lead singer. As the song progresses, around the 40-second mark, it transitions into intermittent interjections from the sinister voice with more melodic lines as the chorus sings, "Raise the pitchforks, light the torches / Misinforming the masses / Lips dripping red as they raise up their glasses / Blood or wine?" These haunting lyrics offer a contemplative critique of the perilous impact of misinformation, exposing how it nurtures disunity and discord. The track is punctuated by sharp, rapid guitar motifs that punch through the darkness, maintaining the band's signature ferocity. With an infectious and catchy chorus, "Blood or Wine?" continues to showcase Saving Vice's ability to captivate their audience with their unrelenting energy and thought-provoking themes.

Blood or Wine? - Saving Vice


Stream "Blood or Wine?" below!


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