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Ever Wonder What "White Guy Emo" Sounds Like? Listen to Booze Radly's Latest Track

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Together since 2013, Booze Radly has been rocking Philadelphia’s music scene ever since with their emo-punk sound. Originally consisting of a four-piece lineup including Alex Manescu, Vince Dejesus, Dylan Molloy, and Pete Sovia but evolved to include their fifth member Youssef Moussa. Booze Radly previously released an EP in 2014, Whitechapel Nights, written entirely by Manescu while he spent a semester abroad in England, along with two other full-length albums, Haunted Mind (2019) and Split/Ghost Music (2020). During the pandemic, the band worked together crafting demos, which will turn into their upcoming EP “Lose, Badly” with a full-length record to follow in 2023, which the band describes as their “most collaborative songwriting to date.”

Photo Credit: Jules Bird | Instagram | Twitter

Booze Radly teases the upcoming releases with a single, “White Guy Emo.” This track kicks into high gear right out of the gate, with Sovia’s hard-hitting drums bringing instant vitality to the track. Manescu comes matching the energy with dynamic vocals often doubled by the sounds of Gabby Relos of Afloat. The band describes “White Guy Emo” as a self-deprecating commentary on “the monotony of the emo music genre and what catches on tending to be white men writing about their breakups.” But also with a sense of “ self-awareness to still call out the dynamic while sometimes falling into it at the same time.” The track was released alongside a music video, shot by Matt Farabaugh and edited by Alex Manescu, which is a campy depiction of four friends/bandmates from slugging shots and drinking beers to skateboarding and album shopping, AKA just being punk rock.

LONG STORY SHORT: “White Guy Emo” sounds exactly like how an emo guy looks. It’s self-deprecating, it’s energetic, it’s angsty, it rocks.


Stream "White Guy Emo" below!


Drums: Pete Sovia (he/him)

Bass: Youssef Moussa (he/him)

Guitar: Vince Dejesus (he/him)

Guitar, Lead Vocals: Alex Manescu (he/him)

Guitar, Backing Vocals: Dylan Molloy (they/them)

Featured Artist: Gabby Relos of Afloat (she/her)

Mixed and Mastered: Vince Dejesus

Drums Recorded @ Shards Recording Studio in Bethlehem, PA with Matt Molchany

Music Video: Matt Farabugh

Edited by: Alex Manescu

Single & EP Cover: Matt Farabaugh

Edited by: Alex Manescu

Graphics: Jess Stubits


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