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The Ultimate Introvert Anthem: FRND CRCL's "LIFEOFTHEPARTY"

From South Jersey comes FRND CRCL (pronounced friend circle), a pop-punk band including members Aaron Smith (drums), Dom Giacalone (lead guitar), Zac Johnson (vocalist & guitar), and Adam Skirvin (vocalist & bass). This seemingly very cool group of guys have been releasing music together since 2017, seeing their first taste of significant success with their sophomore release in 2020, Internet Noise. Following, FRND CRCL has unleashed a wave of singles, with the latest being “LIFEOFTHEPARTY.” And, if they’re taking applications for a fifth frnd, I’m available @FRNDCRCLE.

Contrary to what the title may suggest, “LIFEOFTHEPARTY” is an introvert anthem. The band explains the inspiration for the track was drawn from “the parallel drawn from the Project X movie in the sense that the kids who weren’t deemed as cool became the literal life of the party.” This track also tells the story of feeling alone at a party, with lines like, “A cigarette when I’m uncomfortable,” and verses like, “I’m insecure/I’m on the edge/Now left for dead without any friends/Debby Downers drowning in his thoughts again.” The stream of consciousness lyrics truly exemplifies and allows you to understand the inner monologue that often occurs inside an introvert, especially in large crowds or at a party. The track begins with radio static then turns to a station with angsty vocals and a strong bass line. At 0:18, the song comes alive with equal parts grunge guitar and hard-hitting drums. While their sound up until this point had strands of DNA from Sum 41, Simple Plan, and Blink-182, “LIFEOFTHEPARTY” suggests they may have been listening to a bit of Nirvana lately while they showcase their alternative rock side.

LONG STORY SHORT: “LIFEOFTHEPARTY” is dynamic and energetic ‘90’s nostalgia in the present day—a sublime fit for a summer playlist.


Stream "LIFEOFTHEPARTY" below!


Writing, Composition - FRND CRCL

Performance - FRND CRCL

Drums - Aaron Smith

Lead Guitar - Dom Giacalone

Vocals & Guitar - Zac Johnson

Vocals & Bass - Adam Skirvin

Production - Tyler Skye


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