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Existential Crisis? Adventure Lost’s “What Are We Doing Here?” is just the fix.

"What Are We Doing Here?" ah, yes, a question I ask myself every day. It also just happens to be the latest single of Philly's Adventure Lost! Members Jack Faracchio and Larry Iaccio began their journey together in 2016, aiming to create songs inspired by their vintage influences, from Queen to The Doors, with modern pop production. The pair describes their songwriting process as more of a unique mining process, where they uncover songs that may already exist within them and do their best to serve the song with an active disregard for genre. Although their lyrics remain poignant, they write about "the emotional energy and absurdity of the human experience, with the aim of expressing feelings and thoughts we all share, yet cannot put into words."

While initially inspired by their third member sadly leaving the group and moving on as a pair post-pandemic, "what are we doing here" was a statement mumbled by Faracchio that quickly evolved into an existential query and ultimately the inspiration for their next track. Through their single, Adventure Lost aims to answer the questions, "Why isn't this working? Why do I feel stuck? What should I be doing??" Thoughts which often haunt us as we grow older and struggle to make sense of ourselves and find how we fit into the world. With poetic lyricism like, "we are in motion/Whether or not we've lost our path/Afloat in an ocean/Afloat in emotion," you hear the narrative. The music seems to follow suit within its structure. Starting with jazzy yet gentle strummed chords, flowing harmonies, and a dancing keyboard melody, the listener is placed in an immersive experience; you can actually imagine yourself floating in that ocean. And at 1:54, Adventure Lost challenges your expectations by breaking into a guitar solo, which seems to emulate the internal struggle within one's mind. And to bring the track full circle, it finishes with a soft ending with Faracchio's tender vocals and an overall positive, self-reflective message. Adventure Lost explains, "Ultimately, no matter how stuck we may feel, we are in motion; there's nowhere to go but on ahead."

“What Are We Doing Here” is the first of many songs from Adventure Lost, with new singles releasing in June-August with a full album release in the fall!

LONG STORY SHORT: Adventure Lost creates an atmospheric genre-fluid pop track with "What Are We Doing Here?" It's thought-provoking, relatable, and who doesn't love a good guitar solo?


Stream "What Are We Doing Here?" below!


Written by - Adventure Lost

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Lead & Supporting Vocals - Jack Faracchio

Drums, Percussion & Supporting Vocals - Larry Iaccio

Recorded & Mixed - Mattie Klauser of Pillow Princess Productions

@ Tralfamadore in South Philly

Mastered - Dave Downham of Gradwell House

Album Artwork - Juli Wert


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