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Exploring the Enigmatic Depths of The Behaviour's "Turning Tricks..."

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The Behaviour is a gothic-inspired post-alternative rock project born from the creative depths of Der Baron M. Kilpatric in 2020. With a musical journey that spans over two decades, during which Kilpatric contributed his exceptional drumming skills to various bands such as Black Light Burns, The Esoteric, and Kylesa, he now steps into the spotlight with a mesmerizing and profound solo endeavor. The culmination of this artistic evolution is his debut album, A Sin Dance, released globally on September 15th, 2023. A labor of love entirely written, arranged, and performed by Kilpatric himself, this album marinated in the diverse sounds of influential artists like Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, and David Bowie, among others. The Behaviour is more than just music; it's a reflection of a seasoned artist's artistic integrity, passion, and profound experiences, offering a cathartic journey that delves deep into themes of redemption, healing, and self-discovery while delivering a remedy for repressed emotion and enlightenment for evolving senses. Join us as we dive into the richly textured layers of the fourth track off of A Sin Dance, "Turning Tricks..."

The Behaviour Photo Credit: Wendy Anne

Photo Credit: Wendy Anne

The Behaviour's "Turning Tricks..." is a track that masterfully weaves a dark and enigmatic narrative within its musical tapestry. The song unfolds with a plucking melody, creating a gentle and alluring entrance that immediately draws you in. As the track progresses, a slow entrance of drums and swells of energy introduces an intriguing contrast to the initial serenity. This dynamic shift is skillfully executed, ensuring that the music remains perfectly balanced without becoming muddled or overwhelming.

A Sin Dance - The Behaviour  Album Art: "I’ve Seen It All": Meike Hakkaart

Album Art: "I’ve Seen It All": Meike Hakkaart

The standout feature of "Turning Tricks..." is the dark, bellowing vocals. The singer's voice remains consistent in pitch, delivering a droning whisper quality that adds to the song's mystifying atmosphere. On first listen, it's easy to get lost in the musical experience, potentially missing the depth and message within the lyrics. But, the lines are poetic and could easily be read as a poem in their own right. The lyrics are powerful, with lines like "Your nature loads the gun/my nurture pulls and tugs/the trigger" evoking a sense of darkness and complexity.

The chorus provides a surprising twist to the song, introducing elements of a more upbeat nature. It's a clever juxtaposition that adds depth and complexity to the track, demonstrating the band's ability to navigate various emotional tones within a single composition.

The lyrics explore themes of a dark and ambiguous sexual relationship, delving into the idea of a "House of ill repute" and the warmth found within its walls. This contributes to the song's aura and intrigue, with lines like "Got some thorns don't you?/ a life without applause/is no life at all/House of ill repute/Within your walls I'm warm."

The Behaviour Photo Credit: Wendy Anne

Photo Credit: Wendy Anne

The additional context provided by Der Baron M. Kilpatric sheds light on the song's personal nature and the journey it represents, "It is a reflection on taking the journey through hell and back, and finding a clear, sober mind and perspective once coming out on the other end. It conveys the mindset from the outside looking in as well as from the inside looking out. And the depths one will go to to rectify any collateral damage done in the interim."

LONG STORY SHORT: "Turning Tricks..." by The Behaviour is a captivating and enigmatic musical journey, blending dark and poetic lyrics with a skillfully balanced musical composition that uncovers intricate layers and profound storytelling.


Stream "Turning Tricks..." below!


Written, performed, arranged: Der Baron M.Kilpatric

Guitar Solo on "Affecting": Michael Kilpatric

Percussive wrists and ankles on "Burning of the Neon Dream" and "Strangelic: Paul Deceglie, Larry Donaldson, and Mike Howell

Production: Scott Mackey and Der Baron M. Kilpatric

Recorded and Mixed: Scott Mackey at Le Chateau de Bonzeaux Additional Recording and Mixing: by Der Baron M. Kilpatric at TheAsylum

Mastered: Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering


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