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Feast on Vulture Party's Latest, "Blood Wolf Moon"

Vulture Party is an outlandishly creative group from Falkirk, Scotland. Members David King, Dickson Telfer, and Louise Ward were in the same musical circles until ultimately starting their own group together in 2018. The following year Vulture Party released their first and self-titled album and will be releasing their second album later this summer, Archipelago.

On June 3rd Vulture Party unveiled “Blood Wolf Moon,” their third single from their forthcoming record. The track is a modern approach to the classic European werewolf folklore where, “through isolation and lack of human connection, people were labeled as outcasts, leading to their basic need for love not being met.” explains Vulture Party. The song was released alongside an imaginatively entertaining music video, shot by Neil McKenzie of Keep It Creative, bringing this story to life. The track is a clear product of European dance, with a driving beat, heavy use of synthesizers, and Telfer's five-string bass. The layered harmonies of King’s lower register and Ward offer more dimension to the track. With minimal lyrical content, Vulture Party does give you one catchy repeated line for the listener to latch onto, “give me your love; it’s all I need.”

LONG STORY SHORT: Vulture Party is a fun collective wearing masks before there was a pandemic. “Blood Wolf Moon” is a bop that will get your shoulders moving with a bizarrely fascinating music video.


Stream "Blood Wolf Moon" here!


Written & Performed by - David King, Dickson Telfer, and Louise Ward

Vocals, Synth, Guitars, Lyrics - David King

Bass - Dickson Telfer

Vocals - Louise Ward

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered - Homegrown Productions, Larbert with James Taylor

Music Video: Neil McKenzie of Keep It Creative


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