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Find Sweet Anne Marie in "Parking Lots, Bars, and Falling Stars"

Sweet Anne Marie is a folk and alternative rock-inspired singer-songwriter. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sweet Anne Marie has been playing drums, keyboards, guitar, and vocals releasing music since 2021. Her artistry has been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Brian Fallon, and Counting Crows. "In Time," Sweet Anne Marie's debut album, took her on a journey touring from the east coast all the way to the midwest.

This July 30th, Sweet Anne Marie released her sophomore record, Parking Lots, Bars, and Falling Stars. Consisting of eight tracks, the title track of the album is the one that stands apart. With simple production and only acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals, that really allows the lyrics to sing. With contemplative lyrics singing, "I could see a little clearer if it wasn't for the stars in my eyes,/I could move a little faster if it wasn't for the cars passing by…Count the losses as a lesson; chalk the rest up to luck." She tells a narrative of acceptance of challenges, which ultimately ends with the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She sings, "Breaking down in parking lots, standing up in empty bars./Pressing on by wishing on every single falling star./But keep the lights on, I'm waiting on the best part…But keep the lights on; I want to see what happens next," showing hope at the end and a positive foresight for the future.

LONG STORY SHORT: "Parking Lots, Bars, and Falling Stars" is a quintessential indie folk track as Sweet Anne Marie blends together her inapt ability for songwriting and storytelling. Sweet Anne Marie is about to take this album on the road next, all over the southeast, co-headling with Condition Oakland; catch 'em in a town near you!


Stream "Parking Lots, Bars, and Falling Stars" below!


Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Drums: Sweet Anne Marie

Recording: Tyler Troutman of Condition Oakland


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