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Five Fast Facts: Charles Grace's Latest Single "Thousand Times"

Southern Californian singer-songwriter Charles Grace used his foundation in his classical guitar studies to write his own music. He wrote four full-length albums and toured with his former band Sleeping Policeman, and even has a sponsorship with Breedlove Guitars. Stef from The MIC sits down and asks Five Fast Fasts about his latest solo project and what's next for Charles Grace.

SJ: Welcome to The MIC, Charles Grace! We’re so excited to chat about your latest project.

1. You are a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Southern California. Can you start by telling us how you got inspired to play music? Who are your current musical influences?

CG: My family raised me on music like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. I’m pretty sure my mother placed headphones on her stomach while she was pregnant with me. I have always been an album person, so my taste gravitated toward bands/artists that composed bodies of work that were meant to be enjoyed from front to back. Lately, I have been listening to The Brothers Landreth, Jordan Rakei, Gary Clark, Jr., Cleo Sol, Emily King, and Manchester Orchestra. Coheed and Cambria are a constant in my library as well.

2. Your latest release is “Thousand Times.” What was the writing process like for this one? Do you write more collaboratively or alone?

CG: I wrote Thousand Times in the early months of the pandemic. I just remember being all up in my feels and listening to a lot of R&B music. The inspiration for this one came from feeling desperately lonely despite being surrounded by loving friends and family. I am a cave writer by nature. I love collaborating with others, but it’s just me in the beginning of the creative process. I work better when I have a rough draft to present.

3. What was the recording process like for this track? Do you usually record your own music or work with a studio and producer?

CG: I recorded this track with my good friend Casey Corum at Brea Canyon Recording Studio. He played the keyboard on a few tracks. I played acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. We brought in our mutual friend Kyrie Variuer to sing those lovely harmonies. It was fun and seamless to work with Casey. We share common influences, and we both wanted to do everything we could to serve the song. There were no pulling teeth between us. Everything came together smoothly.

4. What is one song you wish you wrote and why?

CG: Ooh! My mind is flooded with songs I wish I wrote, haha! First thing that comes to mind is “Everybody Here Wants You” by Jeff Buckley. That song is so moody and the groove hooks you right away. The vulnerability in his writing and the inflections in his voice are truly something to behold. He is one of my biggest influences and someone I wish I could resurrect so I could pick his brain over a meal.

5. What is next for Charles Grace? New music? More Shows?!

CG: Yes, you heard it here first! There is more new music on the way. The next song is called “Kindness,” and that one will drop on March 31st. These will be a part of an upcoming EP scheduled to release in May. I also have a couple of hometown gigs in South Carolina the week following Mother’s Day. All of my shows will be posted on my website.

Thank you so much for chatting, and we look forward to hearing what’s next for Charles Grace!


Stream "Thousand Times" below!


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