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Five Fast Facts: Dirty Mitts' "Women"

In the realm of music, there are those who scrub and scrub, trying to wash away the mundane, but the stubborn dirt of conformity just won't budge. Enter Dirty Mitts, a powerhouse four-piece band whose sonic prowess knows no bounds. Hailing from the diverse landscapes of the UK, Poland, and Egypt, they came together in 2022, with an unbridled passion for blistering rock'n'roll. Through the alchemy of bluesy undertones, vintage vibes, and an infectious energy, Dirty Mitts have concocted a musical potion that compels audiences to rise and dance. Their track record speaks volumes, with hits like "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)," "My Show," and "Ball & Chain" amassing over 1000 radio plays worldwide and more than 100,000 Spotify streams. Rooted in a rich tapestry of musical experiences, this gifted ensemble shares a singular vision: to craft a sound that pays homage to the titans of rock. This week Stef sat down with Dirty Mitts to discuss their latest single, "Women."

Jay Wood

SJ: Hey Dirty Mitts! We’re so excited to hear more about your journey and latest single!

1. SJ: You guys are a four-piece rock band, with a diverse line-up! You have members from the UK, Poland, and Egypt. With a group that is geographically apart, how did you guys come together to start this band?

DM: We truly are a melting pot of cultures and sounds! Despite our diverse backgrounds, our paths converged in 2022. Our shared passion for classic rock 'n' roll, the kind that pulsates through your veins, is what brought us together. We believe that our distinct cultural influences add depth to our music, and the universe just had it that we meet and create something beautiful together.

2. SJ: You just released your latest track, “Women.” Can you tell us a little bit about this track and how it stands out from your previous three singles?

DM: "Women" started as an ode to the typical energy of a Saturday night, but it evolved into something more profound. While we wanted to capture the fun of the night, we also wanted to touch upon women's empowerment. It's a track that manages to combine the raw energy of old-school rock 'n' roll with modern themes. While our previous singles have had their own energy, "Women" stands out as both a fresh and nostalgic addition to our repertoire.

3. SJ: Can you tell us your songwriting process for “Women”? Was it written collaboratively between the band or does one member spearhead the creative writing process? What is the recording process like?

DM: It was a collaborative effort, like most of our tracks. The initial idea sprouted during a casual hangout between Mo and Tommy in an office in Baker Street. We always aim to blend a touch of mischief while acknowledging relevant themes. As for recording, we recorded 7 songs in just 3 intense days. We started with the drums at Cargo Studios and then moved to JBJ studio in Uxbridge for the rest. It was rigorous, but the energy and synergy among us made it worth it.

Jay Wood 'Respire'

4. SJ: You have a lyric in the track, "give me women on equal pay." Can you tell us what exactly you mean by that line?

DM: That particular line is a nod to the ongoing struggle for gender equality. We wanted to convey that women should be recognized for their worth and talents, not just in the music industry but in all spheres of life. Music has the power to raise awareness, and we believe in using it to voice important messages. In essence, it's our shoutout to all the strong women out there and our way of advocating for equal rights and pay.

5. SJ: What is one song you wish Dirty Mitts wrote?

DM: There are so many iconic songs out there that we admire. But if we had to pick, "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones is one such masterpiece. Its powerful sound, timeless nature, and the emotions it evokes are something we deeply resonate with.

SJ: What’s next for Dirty Mitts?!

DM: We're on an exhilarating journey, and there's a lot on our horizon! We plan to release more singles from the batch of songs we've recorded, gradually building towards an album release by early next year. And for our fans who are eager to catch us live, we've got some dates lined up for you: On Sunday, 15th October, we'll be rocking the King Billy Rock Bar in Northampton. We're then heading to the Dublin Castle in London on Sunday, 22nd October, and you can also catch us at The Macbeth in London on Saturday, 11th November. So, mark your calendars! And of course, we're always writing and exploring new sounds. So, expect more energetic tracks, epic live shows, and maybe a few surprises along the way. Keep rocking and stay tuned to the Dirty Mitts saga!

Jay Wood


Listen to "Women" below!


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