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Five Fast Facts: Nothing but a Nightmare's 'The Salvation'

Nothing but a Nightmare, also known as NBN, is an alternative rock band from Philly. Made up of high school best friends, the group has been playing locally in venues and at festivals and has even opened for Andy Grammar. NBN recently released their album, The Salvation, and has already amassed over 100K streams! Stef from The MIC sat down with the band to talk about their last release and what they're looking forward to next!

Nothing but a Nightmare Band

1. Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Can you start by telling us a little bit about Nothing but a Nightmare (NBN)? How did the band start, who are the members, what instruments they play, and what does the band name mean?

NBN: Good to talk to ya! We're from Langhorne, Pennsylvania and we've been a band now for almost 7 years, which is pretty unbelievable. It's been a pretty awesome journey, having all the experiences and friends we've had over the years. We started at a little music school in our town, became friends, and kind of went from there and here we are. Our current lineup is Eddie Tamanini (Vocalist), Clayton Malaney (Bass), Dom Vacca (Drums), Alex Junge (Guitar), and Owen Magers (Keys). The band name originates from a conversation Eddie's dad had on the phone when his family's cell service was poor on a rainy day in Boston. His dad said, "this service has been Nothing but a Nightmare," and thus, the name was born. It's taken on different forms over the years (NBN), but it's a name we've always had love for.

2. SJ: How would you describe NBN to someone who has never heard your music before?

NBN: Basically, we're a bunch of friends who just love to play rock music. That sounds like a boring answer, but we want everyone listening to feel like we're there for them, we relate to them, and we are their "friend," and our goal is to make people feel good.

3. SJ: Your last release was an album, The Salvation, in 2022. What was the Recording process like?

NBN: Our recording process is always a great time. We record everything at my (Eddie) house, and everyone comes over; it's a big hang-out. I think that allows it to be really organic and comfortable for us. We've never been big fans of large studios, so the home studio has always been fun.

Nothing but a Nightmare Band

4. SJ: What was the writing process like for the record, collaborative or individual? What does NBN feel is the most important part of a song?

NBN: It's mostly Eddie and Clayton's ideas and thought processes. However, all the bandmates create their own parts and are on the record, so it truly is a collaborative work. Sometimes taking roles and delegating responsibilities in the recording process make it easier and help us avoid conflicts.

5. SJ: What is your favorite track off of Salvation? What's one song you wish NBN wrote?

NBN: Generally, we all really like "I Hate You." That song has a lot of personal "juice" behind it, and it's also extremely fun to play live. That song is always the last song in the set, so we always joke, saying, "Thanks for coming out, we love you; this song is called 'I Hate You,'" sort of a backwards little thing, but we love it.

SJ: So What's Next for Nothing but a Nightmare? DO: Well, Eddie just got off of a voice procedure, so once he's fully rehabbed, we'll be back playing shows. We have a couple of songs we're thinking about putting out; we shall see.

Nothing but a Nightmare The Salvation Album Cover


Stream The Salvation below!


Songwriting: Eddie Tamanini, Clayton Malaney, Dom Vacca, Daniel Jüde, Lexzy Fitzke


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