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Five Fast Facts: Your Best Nightmare 'Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity'

New Jersey's Your Best Nightmare is a captivating force, blending genres with fearless abandon. Trained as a soprano vocalist in classical music at the John J. Cali School of Music she shatters conventions by melding folk, punk, goth, and art rock into a singular, enthralling sound. Your Best Nightmare exudes unapologetic authenticity. Her music, characterized by biting lyrics and the sweet resonance of her ukulele, showcases a remarkable duality of beauty and darkness. Her debut EP/Demo has garnered international acclaim, for its audacious exploration of themes and sounds. On stage, she mesmerizes audiences with her infectious energy and haunting vocals, leaving an unforgettable impression. Your Best Nightmare beckons listeners into her realm, where boundaries blur and the unexpected reigns supreme, inviting all to embrace the mesmerizing chaos of her musical universe. On March 21st, Your Best Nightmare will be releasing her first full-length album titled, Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity. Stef caught up with Your Best Nightmare to talk about the upcoming release in our latest Five Fast Facts!

Your Best Nightmare: Cristal Fernandez, 2023

Photo Credit: Cristal Fernandez, 2023

SJ: Hey Your Best Nightmare! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat about your upcoming release, Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity.

YBN: Hi! Super excited to be chatting with y’all.

1. SJ:  Can you start by telling us about your background in music? How did you first start making music, have you had any formal training?

YBN:  I remember singing a ton, and being fascinated with the piano as a child; every time I found one I would try playing it. I always had a passion for music, and I remember picking up different instruments and teaching myself to play them. I’ve been making music for what feels like forever! I have a bachelor’s degree in music, and I’m a classically trained soprano. My degree program allowed me to try everything, and I’m proud to say I’m a multi-instrumentalist.

2. SJ: On March 21st you’ll be releasing Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity. I absolutely love the title of this record. Can you tell us the story behind the record and your inspiration for creating it?

YBN: Thanks! I spent a lot of time trying to create a title that really encapsulated the story I made. The album is a horror story and a love story all in one; a girl falls in love with a vampire and feeds toxic dudes to them until there’s no one left. I started with "Really Cute" and "Eyeliner," and saw the whole story unfold in my mind over the course of a summer. I really got caught on the question "Who is the real monster here?" and I definitely probed it with each song I made.

Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity | Cristal Fernandez, 2023

3. SJ: What was your writing and recording process like for the tracks? Did you have any other collaborators or other instrumentalists featured on it? Do you think you thrive in collaboration or prefer to write alone?

YBN: I tend to write lyrics first, and then let the melodies present themselves. All of my tracks are initially ukulele and voice, which is also how you’ll catch me live!  My “studio” is my walk-in closet, so I never have to go far to record an idea. Once I recorded the vocals and the ukulele I added in the fun extras like the bass, keys, and aux percussion. 

I cannot play the drum set particularly well, so my pal Owen did most of my drums for me!  My pal Darrel recorded a guitar part for “Target Acquired” that I absolutely adore. I’m very grateful to have talented friends in my life to help me out. My album was produced collaboratively with Shannon McArthur, and he’s believed in me since I was just singing covers online.

I definitely prefer to write alone, and then share it once I’ve got the idea solidified. I have a very strong synesthetic connection with my music, and my approach to writing lyrics and melodies is very isolated.

4. SJ: This upcoming release is going to be your first full-length record, congratulations! What are you most excited about for its release?

YBN: I’m most excited to share a full-length record. This was a long time coming, and sharing it feels like my birthday and Halloween all in one. I’ve been holding on to this story and keeping it mostly to myself for quite some time; sharing it with the world is really thrilling.

"Really Cute"Lyric Video

5. SJ: What is one song you wish Your Best Nightmare wrote?

YBN:  "Where Eagles Dare" by the Misfits, or "Tonight, Tonight" by The Smashing Pumpkins

SJ: What’s next for Your Best Nightmare?

YBN: I’m currently writing more music, and preparing to go on quite the tour this spring and summer.

SJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat! We’re so excited for the release of this record, and can’t wait to add it to our playlists!

YBN: Thanks for having me!


Listen to Your Best Nightmare below!


Music and Lyrics: Erin Porter

Ukulele, Bass, Keys, Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals: Erin Porter

Guitar (Target Acquired): Darrel Norrell

Production: Erin Porter and Shannon McArthur

Mixing (Body Count, Target Acquired, LBD): Darrel Norrell

Drums: Owen Duff


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