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Lupe Dragon's "Cruise Control": Merging Infectious Pop Lyricism with Electric Guitars in an Addictive Alt-Rock Anthem

Originating from Northern New Jersey, Lupe Dragon creates music that takes you on an immersive journey. Her warm vocals and genre-defying melodies explore emotional pain, anxiety disorders, self-worth, and love infusing each composition with a particular depth and a raw and vulnerable authenticity. Influenced by a diverse array of musical pioneers, including Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Dashboard Confessional, and Paramore, Lupe blends introspective lyricism with intricate guitar riffs for an entrancing musical tapestry.

Lupe Dragon- Kurt J Brennanphoto

Photo Credit: Kurt Brennan Photo

"Cruise Control"

Music, Lyrics, Rhythm Guitar: Lupe Dragon

Additional Lead Guitar: Teddy Owen

Production: Matt Pelosi

Mixing Engineer: Tommy Mac from Big and Tall Recording Studio

Mastered By: Rick Essig

In the words of Lupe Dragon: "I'm excited for this release because Matt and I finally have a good team going together. Adding Tommy to the mix has been a big step up and we're only going up from here! Alt-rock/pop rock has always been a sweet spot for me. To making more music that feels like me."

Lupe Dragon "Cruise Control" Album Art

LONG STORY SHORT: Lupe Dragon's "Cruise Control" is a captivating genre-blending track. Highlighting her pop sensibilities in the catchy lyricism while channeling the spirit of Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson's 00's angsty punk-rock vibes. With electric guitars and tight drums providing a solid backbone, the track features strong vocal melodies that carry the weight of poignant lyrics like "As you pull away, I can’t concentrate I need to have you closer to me / I want that pain cause I can’t have all this pleasure without it." Lupe adeptly navigates relatable themes, offering lyrics that capture the essence of early sparks in a new relationship and tiptoeing around that special someone, with lines like, "Cause I can’t explain the way I feel everything else feels so unreal/I can get a little unusual if I’m not on cruise control." The song's strong arrangement and production elevate its impact, making it an instant favorite that beckons listeners to hit replay and immerse themselves in its infectious energy repeatedly.


Stream "Cruise Control" below! 


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