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All You Need to Know: Songwriter Series at The Sanctuary May 6, 2023

Boonton, NJ's 502 Main Street, has a new name, The Sanctuary! Starting May 1st, The Sanctuary will be a safe haven for the community to participate in enriching events. There will be classes, including yoga, guided meditation, and live events, from community discussion groups to live music!


Local owner Matthew Ryan Smith says “Our mission is to uplift the community. We host community enriching events and rent our space out to healers and artists that are in need of a home. We host holistic, wellness, and fitness classes, various workshops, and artistic and music events.”


The first-ever Songwriter Series at The Sanctuary will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023! The live music will start at 7 pm ad go until 10 pm featuring artists Darrell Arden, Lupe Dragon, and Kay Roman. Tickets are only $10 to enter, and you can purchase them online here! Food and drinks will be available, or you could bring your own!

LONG STORY SHORT: This event is the first-ever showcase of the Songwriter Series at the newly opened The Sanctuary in Boonton, New Jersey! Don't miss out; get your tickets now!

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