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Five Minutes with the MilkMan

This week The MIC sits down with Malibu's own Eric Schwartz to talk about his new project under his alias, MilkMan. MilkMan's new single, "Tuna For Dinner (FMHA)," is a completely self recorded and produced project created in the confines of his own bedroom.

Q: What was the desire to create a side project while you’re already involved in another rock band? Is this single just the spark for a larger side project?

A: While I love working with Malibu and the music we've made, I've always had a passion for music that fits more within the modern indie genre. I also wanted to challenge myself by not only writing, but also recording and producing my own music. I definitely plan on making more music as MilkMan because I've fallen in love with the self-production process. At the same time I continue to work with Malibu as we gear up for our debut album release.

Q: What is the story behind your artist name, MilkMan?

A: My great-grandfather was a milkman back in the day. I've always felt that milk delivery is something we need to bring back. Something about the raw taste of freshly delivered dairy hits differently (I'd imagine). Having said that, if we do bring back milkmen, I expect them to continue using horse-drawn carriages for aesthetic purposes.

Q: What is the meaning of “Tuna For Dinner (FMHA)”? What does the FMHA stand for?

A: The name Tuna For Dinner is just one of many random song titles I've come up with in my notes app. It doesn't mean much except that no one likes eating tuna for dinner I guess, but who knows, maybe some people do. FMHA stands for "fuck my heart again" which is the chorus of the song.

Q: What does “garage pop” mean to you? Does it cull any inspiration from the Garage Rock movement of the ‘60s or the bedroom pop genre made popular by Billie Eilish?

A: "Garage Pop" is a term I use to describe my music because of the influences I have from both classic and contemporary garage rock as well as the modern bedroom pop sound. It basically has those elements of garage rock like the saturated drums/vocals along with the bedroom pop sounds of synths and guitars layered with chorus effects. If The Strokes and Rex Orange County had a baby, I would be its' less significant younger brother.

Q: What’s your favorite part of self recording and producing?

A: My favorite part of self-recording and producing is the constant voice in my head telling me that my mixes suck. But besides that, being able to control every aspect of the song and experiment with new techniques is something I love. I'm learning more about audio production everyday, and being able to utilize my skills and create an entire song is a great feeling. I gotta give a shoutout to Joe Pomarico of Telegraph Hill Records who produces Malibu's music. Just being able to watch him work has played a huge role in what I know today.

LONG STORY SHORT: “Tuna For Dinner (FMHA)” is an intriguing bedroom bop fit with a memorable chorus that you’ll be dying to sing in the shower. Makes me wanna curl up under my covers and compose my own catchy creation.


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