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From Label to Indie Artist: Here's the Long Story Short on Sharl's Track "I Fell in Love"

Remerged in 2022 as an independent artist, Melbourne-based Sharl is ready to enter back into the world of pop. Originally signed to a UK indie record label, Sharl broke away to write her own story and make her own path. First garnering attention by reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition, she has since released her "debut" album, City Lights. One of the hit singles off the record is titled "I Fell in Love," and here's all you need to know about the track.

"I Fell in Love"

Lead Vocals: Sharl

Songwriting: Annabel Lim

Production: Daniel Bohen

Mixing Mastering: Daniel Bohen

In the words of Sharl about City Lights: "I started writing the songs for this album when I had so much time and mental space for introspection during the lockdowns in Melbourne. In a way, it was therapeutic, just doing what I enjoy most at home. There's a diverse range of stories and sounds on the album, which I feel is symbolic of myself as a person and artist in that I'm always evolving in my thoughts and style. Through writing it, I realised I had found my true voice as an artist and am inspired with an ongoing creative vision that I want to share with the world."

LONG STORY SHORT: "I Fell in Love" starts with Sharl singing, "I fell in love with the wrong guy/ and now I'm sleeping on my own," launching you into this story of vulnerability. She then continues singing, "Twisted, lying, convinced me I was wrong/Blind to your gaslighting, I believed you all along," which further explains the struggles of falling in love. Ultimately this 3:02 pop track ends with the lyrics, "Broke me down till I had enough, times were rough, but I'm stronger now," illustrating that even though things might not have worked out the way you expected or hoped, but you can still walk away learning a lesson.


Stream "I Fell in Love" below!


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