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*HOLIDAY* Valentine's On The MIC featuring Missy Alvarez Performing "My Funny Valentine"

This week we have a VERY exciting episode. Not only is this our first ever Valentine's Day episode, but it is also our first fully instrumental On The MIC episode! Missy Alvarez gets On The MIC to perform a lo-fi cover clarinet of the classic, "My Funny Valentine"!

Why Missy Alvarez Rocks:

  • music educator

  • clarinetist

  • composer!

Why Missy Alvarez chose "My Funny Valentine"

"I've always had a soft spot for this jazz standard. The melody seems to over romanticize while the lyrics reveal the reality of authentic love. My favorite versions of this tune are by Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald." -Missy Alvarez


Happy Valentine's Day from The MIC! :)


Check out the Missy Alvarez's performance "On The MIC" below!


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