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It's Toxic, It's "Danger"ous: Here's the Long Story Short on Koala Bar's Latest Release

Sadly Koala Bar is not a band named after an actual koala bear, but actually just a Swedish rock band. Starting in 2015, the group was inspired by the inclusivity and community that happens when crowded around a bar, and wanted to embrace that mindset into their core values. This inclination has also led to the band working on several projects regarding various social issues. Their 2018 debut album "Di Sorte" gained the band recognition after being featured in GAFFA's magazine as a Best New Artist nominee. In June of this year, Koala Bar signed with the Gothenburg-based label Rexius Records in preparation to release their third album. Together, the quartet just dropped a single ahead of their record on September 30th titled "Danger." Here's all you need to know about their latest track.


Acoustic Guitar/Vocals - Axel Ploman

Electric Guitar/Backup Vocals - Jonatan Duregård

Bass - Petter Göransson

Drums - Olof Yassin

Mix - Petter Lithvall

Master - Magnus Lindberg

In the words of Koala Bar: “Danger” [is] a reflective song about the difficulties of toxic relationships. With a relatable and calm sound, the song reminds of the style of artists like The Tallest Man On Earth and Mumford & Sons.“The main topic of this song is a reminiscence of a destructive relationship.” Inspired by real-life events, the song deals with the complex negative emotions that can arise when going through such relationships. “A real-life relationship, that back in the day felt completely poisonous (. . .) but at the same time (it) was filled with unconditional love” show[ing] an ambiguity that is also reflected in the song’s sound and lyrics.”

LONG STORY SHORT: The darker meaning of Koala Bar’s “Danger” is powerfully juxtaposed with the mellow mood of the track. “Danger” is an easy-listening track with smooth vocals and tight drums with vibes similar to The National or Fleet Foxes.


Stream "Danger" below!


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