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Jackie June's 'Sandcastles in the Rain': A Radio-Ready, Self-Reflective Synth-Pop Anthem

Jackie June, a singer-songwriter from New Jersey, crafts music that aligns with the sonically delicate and lyrically poignant pop discographies of artists spanning Michelle Branch and Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga and Adele. Her infectious refrains and whimsical instrumentation evoke the nostalgic airwaves of the 90's that fueled her youth. While speaking her truth posed a formidable challenge for much of her life, June, now secure in her footing and firm in her voice, shares her story of overcoming apprehension with the world. She imparts a universal lesson, emphasizing that it is never too late for anyone, regardless of age, to take the leap forward into their truth. Since the debut of her 2019 EP, Wildflower, Jackie June has expanded her musical repertoire, releasing four additional original songs and a three-song tribute EP dedicated to Michelle Branch's acclaimed album, The Spirit Room. Merging her love for travel and music, June has graced stages across the country, opening for notable artists such as 2000's pop sensation Ryan Cabrera, 80's icon Tiffany, and Rhett Miller of the Old 97's. Earlier this month Jackie June released a new single featuring Rob Freeman, "Sandcastles in the Rain," let's dive into the new release.

Jackie June

Jackie June's "Sandcastles in the Rain," emerges as a vibrant and upbeat anthem, seamlessly blending electronic elements with electric guitar melodies. The track showcases Jackie June's strong pop vocals, creating a sound that feels inherently radio-ready. The chorus, with its irresistibly catchy lyrics - "So run away/Keep hiding from the demons/That you’re too afraid to face" - serves as the heart of the song, delving into the theme of avoiding accountability and making excuses.

The synth-saturated composition, both upbeat and lyrically substantial, takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection and introspection. The song's universal appeal lies in its relatability to anyone harboring lofty dreams or aspirations yet finding themselves continually deferring action, making excuses rather than taking steps forward. Jackie June herself describes the song as, "a synth-pop song about self-sabotage. It's about someone who claims they want something so badly, but refuses to take responsibility for themself, subsequently destroying everything they've tried to build."

Sandcastles in the Rain - Jackie June Album Art: Anton Alekseev

Album Art: Anton Alekseev

"Sandcastles in the Rain" elevates its impact with strong production and a powerful bridge, featuring harmonies with the commanding vocals of Rob Freeman. The lyrics, "And you’re the one to blame/Can you handle rejection/Without the deflection/Point the finger, play the victim," underscore the theme of personal accountability and the repercussions of avoiding it.

LONG STORY SHORT: Together, Jackie June and Rob Freeman deliver a dynamic collaboration with "Sandcastles in the Rain," that not only engages the senses with its upbeat and electronic soundscape but also resonates with listeners on a profound level, urging them to face their fears to chase their dreams.


Stream "Sandcastles in the Rain" below!


Songwriting: Jackie June (Jackie Greenhaus), Rob Freeman

Production: Rob Freeman

Recorded at: Audio Pilot Studio

All instruments: Rob Freeman


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