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Come Inside Rory D'Lasnow's "Songs From An Empty Room"

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Rory D’Lasnow can fill a room, performing in venues from NYC’s The Bitter End to Nashville Tennessee’s Alley Taps. But D’Lasnow’s latest EP, “Songs From An Empty Room,” is from a place a bit more quaint. Here’s the long story short, on each track.

1. “Where You Belong

Vocals/Guitar- Rory D’Lasnow

Strings (on Keys) - Rob Freeman

In the words of Rory: “Where You Belong is a love song I wrote for my girlfriend while I was away at college. This one tackles the nature of our mortality and that feeling when somebody feels like home.”

LONG STORY SHORT: “Where You Belong” is a gentle love song. Complete with soft fingerpicking and sincere lyrics, as Rory sings, “That you’ll remember that I love you - and come into my arms/Where you belong.” This track is so tender and tranquil; you’ll wish you’re in Rory’s arms too.

2. “Forgotten

Vocals/Guitar- Rory D’Lasnow

Guitar/Bass/Drums - Rob Freeman

In the words of Rory: “This song is a tribute to the folks I work with at my mental health job, who are too often tragically estranged from their families. Forgotten is told from the perspective of a dying man trying to reconcile his love for his family with the fact that they’re not really showing up or saying what’s on their mind. The song is about the importance of speaking from the heart before it’s too late.”

LONG STORY SHORT: In the second track, “Forgotten,” D’Lasnow explores his alternative rock side, including strong drums and sweeping melodies on electric guitar featured in the bridge. Staying true to the earnest lyrics that he’s known for, he sings, “All is forgotten/I love you just the same,” a profound message about forgiveness and honesty.

Vocals/Guitar- Rory D’lasnow

Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys - Rob Freeman

In the words of Rory: ““I Won’t Do Anything” is about grieving and depression. To me - the title represents that feeling when you can’t get out of bed but also a reassurance that you’re not going to take any measures to harm yourself. The song describes the aftermath of losing someone you love - how loss can happen when you least expect it and the effects of it can resurface in a variety of ways, but that ultimately sometimes we just need to rely on familiar things, like a nightlight, that bring us comfort to help us get through the darkest moments.”

LONG STORY SHORT: “I Won’t Do Anything” places a spotlight on mental health, fear, and emotional struggle. This track will hit you in the feels; that’s a guarantee. But Rory’s message is clear, there will be moments in your life that will test you, but you just have to remember to keep your nightlight on.

4. “Power of My Love

Vocals/Guitar- Rory D’lasnow

Guitar/Bass/ - Rob Freeman

Drums - Nick Pultz

In the words of Rory: ““Power of My Love” was a song I wrote in honor of my friend’s cousin, who was killed in a terrorist attack in NYC. I went to a memorial in his honor and was so moved by the impact he had had on his family and his community. As I was about to release, my father passed away, and it began to take on a more personal meaning for me as well. I like to think this song is dedicated to anybody who has lost someone and embodies the idea that love can keep someone’s memory alive.”

LONG STORY SHORT: The penultimate track, “Power of My Love,” is the most upbeat track of the EP, ironically paired with one of the heaviest messages. Containing one of the most infectious choruses, “Power of My Love” is also the most relatable. If you’ve ever lost anyone close to your heart, when Rory sings lines like, “And when the times get tough/I keep you in my heart,” you can’t help but get chills.

5. “Happy

Vocals/Guitar/ Keys - Rory D’lasnow

Harmonica - Phil Robinson

In the words of Rory: ““Happy was written about the feeling of loving somebody for who they are even after a relationship has failed. It was a collaboration with my friend Phil Robinson on harmonica.”

LONG STORY SHORT: “Happy” is simple but unique. Being Rory’s only track featuring a harmonica, it introduces a new flavor to “Songs From An Empty Room.” This innovative twist as the closer of the EP exemplifies D’Lasnow’s ability to genre-blend.

Stream "Songs From An Empty Room" below!


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