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Jay Wood Rediscovers Life and Love After Brain Injury in Latest Single, "Initial Pulse"

After suffering a catastrophic car accident, Jay Wood was told she could never regain her abilities again. With determination and perseverance, Jay Wood learned how to walk and play music again. After painstakingly relearning how to play her instruments and gaining back her dexterity, Jay Wood wrote, "Initial Pulse." This track is the second release from Wood ahead of her September EP release. This song tackles the butterflies or 'initial pulse' of falling in love and rediscovering life.

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"Initial Pulse"

Songwriting, Performance: Jay Wood

Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Norman Solander Studios

In the words of Jay Wood: "This song was the first song I painstakingly managed to write after a long time re-learning how to play my instruments post-accident, about falling in love (So it means a lot to me in that regard). It intends to use the theme of new love to portray life in terms of going through something and having a fresh start/new beginning. (just like my new start in life/new beginning with playing music)."

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LONG STORY SHORT: Jay Wood's "Initial Pulse" outlines a story we've all lived before, painted with hopeful innocence. Wood finds strength in her new love, singing, "you know you make me braver," while acknowledging the fear of starting a relationship, "I know that you've been hurt and broken, before/but I just hope that you will stay." The gentle acoustic picking and pure vocal tonality aptly execute the feeling of the track, while adding the strings halfway through helps deeper the emotional pull of the song and story. Wood's "Initial Pulse" will make you reminisce about the first spark in a relationship and make you feel that warmth and energy of the 'initial pulse.'

Jay Wood


Stream "Initial Pulse" below!

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