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joy burklund & her band Unveil Guitar-Forward Debut Single "on the line"

Joy Burklund is a versatile theater artist, singer, songwriter, performer, and filmmaker. New Jersey-born, she dedicated ten years in New York City to her performance and film career. In 2022, Joy rekindled her passion for songwriting and vocal performance, a pursuit she first embraced in her high school indie punk band. With the support and inspiration of her mentor, Diane Cluck, she began crafting new love songs. By summer 2023, she had assembled a new band, performing at various venues in Philadelphia and New York City. Joy burklund & her band are gearing up to release their album, Songboquet, but on May 31st they've unveiled their debut single! Let's take a step into this new track, "on the line."

joy burklund & her band; Photo Credit: Mary Jadzia Smith

Photo Credit: Mary Jadzia Smith | L->R: Ashley Ferrante, joy burklund, Pansy Lee Erskine, Anastasia Defulgentis

"on the line"

Songwriting, performance: joy burklund

Guitar, vocals: joy burklund

Bass: Pansy Lee Erskine

Drums: Ashley Ferrante

Keys: Anastasia DeFulgentis

Production, Recording, and Mix: Tralfamadore by Mattie Chaya Kimberly Klauser / Pillow Princess Productions

Additional Recording: The Ankle Pit by Mary Jadzia Smith

Mastered: Elaine Rasnake at Daughterboard Audio

In the words of joy burklund: "As for musical inspirations, there are so many. This song really puts my guitar playing front and center. I have mainly Ted Leo to thank for that. He's the reason I play electric guitar.

Vocally and performance-wise I wanted to channel the swirling headspace of being in relationship-confusion-agony... going from big love bubbles to "WHAT THE FUCK WHY AREN'T U TEXTING," like in a heartbeat. Admittedly, this is the most Alanis track in the album because of all that.

I don't know. Do we need songs that lift up dysfunctional relationships? Am I glamorizing insecurity? Who's to say? It just came out of me! But I enjoy how there's room in the song for all the self-doubts and back-tracking and cognitive dissonance that comes with assessing the state of a relationship..."Is this right? Is this going well?" So often there's just no easy answer. I am a Gemini for the record.

Plus it's fun as fuck to sing!"

joy burklund & her band 'on the line' photo credit: maria baranova. album art credit Andi Avery

Photo Credit: Maria Baranova | Album Art Credit: Andi Avery | MUA: Colby B | Flowers: Linny Blossom

LONG STORY SHORT: Joy burklund & her band's debut single, "on the line" is a concise yet powerful track that showcases their tight musicianship and guitar-forward sound. The track opens with an evocative line, "How will I know/When my feet touch the ground again?...Cuz I could just linger/Here on the line with you," capturing the blissful feeling of a love. Each verse leads into a singable chorus with lyrics that resonate: "And it makes me want to kiss/Each dot/On the line (inked in blue)/Between us/Till I get to you."

The song features a ripping guitar solo that adds an electrifying yet emotive edge, with the warmth of harmonies in the bridge beautifully produced by Mattie Chaya Kimberly Klauser. With its tight instrumentation and memorable melodies, "on the line" gives a strong start to the cohesive artistry that is joy burklund and a taste into what will be Songbouquet.

joy burlund live photo credit mika romano

Photo Credit: Mika Romano


Stream "on the line" below!


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