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Meet Philly's Jim Morrison: Jay Johnson and his track "Star Child (Love You So)"

During the bleak days of the pandemic, Jay Johnson discovered inspiration. From his infatuation with travel and philosophy, married together with his musical heroes, including the Beatles, the Kinks, and Pink Floyd, Jay creates music that celebrates love, nature, and adventure. Jay Johnson has honed his skills by playing bass in the country western-themed band Mandy Valentine and guitar in Three Yards to Dover and The Pool Boys. This Jim Morrison look-alike has steeped in the Philly DIY singer-songwriter scene, and he decided to spread his wings to create his debut solo release.

Released on July 15th, 2022, Four Quartets were conceived as a collection of four themed EPs, with the last single released ahead of the album, “Star Child (Love You so).” This track Jay Johnson describes as “A love song about someone so beautiful they must have fallen from the stars.” Starting with chugging acoustic guitar before the entrance of Johnson’s ethereal vocals singing, “you know/your smile is like moonlight…your eyes are like starlight.” At 1:34, the glockenspiel and chimes filter in, solidifying the dream-like trance you have now entered. The classic rock influence is clearly recognized in terms of song structure and is reminiscent of the early Beatles records. The entire feel of the track is positive, upbeat, and lyrically memorable.

LONG STORY SHORT: Jay Johnson is an incredibly talented artist, performing over 20 instruments on the entire album. Imagine this: it’s a crisp fall day. You’re outside, and the leaves are just starting to change colors. The wind gently blows, and you’re listening to this song; life is good. That’s the vibe you can expect from “Star Child (Love You So),” so you’ll want to stream this one.


Stream "Star Child (Love You So)" below!


Written, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Bass: Jay Johnson (he/him)

Vocals: Jay Johnson (he/him)

Drums, Engineering: Mattie Klauser (they/them) of Pillow Princess Productions

Mastering: Drea Young (she/her)


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