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Meet Abbie Roper: The MIC Mag's May Musician of the Month

Updated: May 27

Meet Abbie Roper

abbie roper

In the heart of New York City's bustling music scene, Abbie Roper emerges as a dynamic force alongside her band, a spirited quartet known simply as "bois." With an electrifying fusion of indie rock and punk, they ignite stages across the city's iconic venues, infusing their sets with Abbie's compelling originals and spirited renditions of beloved early 2000s pop-punk anthems. As the pulsating rhythms and raw energy of their performances captivate audiences, Abbie Roper etches her name into the vibrant tapestry of NYC's musical landscape, a beacon of creativity and passion in a city that never sleeps.

This May, The MIC Mag is celebrating the rockstar Abbie Roper, as our Musician of the Month!

Genre: Indie Rock / Indie Punk

Artist Name: Abbie Roper

Band: bios

Fun Facts: "I live in NYC, I’m married to my drummer, and I am a business major."

What Makes Abbie Roper Stand Out?

"My music can be very sweet and also angry. I have laid-back stripped/acoustic vibes and I also have full band, loud, songs."

abbie roper band

What is your Abbie Roper most known for?

"Occasional Screams in Songs, a tight band/sound, and perseverance in the art of making music."

What has Abbie Roper been working on?

New single coming soon titled, "I Want To Destroy Everything And Cry As I Pick Up The Pieces"

"I struggled with anger a lot as a kid. I would get sent to my room often and nearly every time I’d slam the door shut and trash my room. When I’d finally start to calm down, I would slowly pick everything back up and return my room back to its original form. This song is a reflection on those moments and how I can see them resonating in my life decades later."

"Drift" Abbie Roper


"Being a musician has been the most energizing part of my life for the last 12 years. Regardless of where we land or how much money we make or how long it lasts, it’s all worth getting to share a little piece of me with someone else." - Abbie Roper


"I Want To Destroy Everything And Cry As I Pick Up The Pieces" album art Abbie Roper

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"In the early days I think the best thing you can do is force yourself into an environment of music  - play every show you can, go to random jam sessions, book shows you’re not ready for. It will teach you more about yourself, your band, how to communicate with musicians and crowds, and boost your confidence” "

Listen to Abbie Roper here


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