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Songs You'll Want to Scream-Sing at a Crowded Rock Show: GreenWing's "Eatin' It"

It's finally here! After releasing singles from the start of this year like "At The Time" and "Enough" the Canadian alt-rock group just released their sophomore album, Eatin' It. Building on their 2022 debut, the band's dynamic vocalist, Matt Stinn, balances wit and introspection across tracks exploring diverse themes. GreenWing persisted despite the logistical challenges during the six-week recording process, with bassist Travis Williams providing live production feedback over Skype from an airport in Nunavut, while vocalist Matt Stinn recorded vocals twelve hours away in Saskatoon. Embracing support from like-minded individuals, GreenWing leaned on their tight-knit circle to craft a sophomore album they eagerly anticipate sharing with listeners. With infectious melodies and newfound depth, Eatin' It is ready to rock audiences.

GreenWing Photo Credit: Captured Beyond Today

Photo Credit: Captured Beyond Today

Eatin' It

Songwriting, Production: GreenWing

Recorded, Mixed: Matt Stinn @ Rainy Day Recording Co.

Additional Production: Colin Klassen & Declan Hills

Mastered: Trevor Case @ Case Mastering

In the words of GreenWing's Guitarist Anthony Allegretto:

"Our second album, Eatin’ It definitely showcases how far we’ve come as a band these last two years and allowed our sound to evolve with the added members and also feed off that fun, punkish, catchy feel that the first album has. We really didn’t wanna repeat ourselves. The first album was a lot of feelings to say the least, and the response from listeners to it was so great. This second album adds a bit of unpredictability to the music that we really love and think our fans will dig as well!"

GreenWing Eatin' It Album Art: Reuben Bugera & Emily Brumwel

Album Art: Reuben Bugera & Emily Brumwel

LONG STORY SHORT: GreenWing's Eatin' It takes you on an emotional journey across eight tracks, kicking off with the powerful first single, "At The Time," to set the stage. The hard-hitting "Little Regret" carries a positive message about having someone steadfast by your side, emphasizing the value of consistency in relationships with lines like, ""You shifted your plans/but you never jumped ship /On who you were /yeah you don't quit On me/Consistency means the most to me.""Consequences" exemplifies the band's storytelling skills, maintaining their signature arrangement and sing-along choruses. Tracks like "Come Clean" showcase GreenWing's willingness to share vulnerability, as the narrator confronts their own transgressions. "Fences" reveals a softer, tender side to the group, showcasing vocalist Stinn's versatile vocal abilities within the authentic GreenWing style. The penultimate track and album title, "Eatin' It," boasts an anthemic chorus that begs to be sung back in a crowded rock show, featuring honest and introspective lyricism packed into each verse and a melodic guitar solo adding to its allure. GreenWing's Eatin' It is a rockin' record.

GreenWing performing one of their top hits, "Late Bloomer"!


Stream Eatin' It below! 


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