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GreenWing's Latest Single '"At The Time": Rocking Out with Raw Emotion

Emerging onto the Canadian music scene in 2021, GreenWing carved out their niche with a magnetic blend of captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms, and an electrifying stage presence. Their debut album, Late Bloomer, unleashed in 2022, catapulted them into the limelight, securing coveted opening slots for renowned acts like Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans, and Reinwolf. Garnering acclaim and a dedicated fan base, their 2023 single "Dark" solidified their status as a rising force in Canadian live music, culminating in accolades such as Sask Music's "Rock Artist of The Year." Now, as they gear up for the release of their sophomore album, Eatin' It, on March 15th, 2024, GreenWing just released a new single to sink your teeth in, "At The Time"! Let's check it out.

GreenWing Photo Credit: Jazzy Pearl

Photo Credit: Jazzy Pearl

"At The Time"

Songwriting, Production: GreenWing

Recorded, Mixed: Matt Stinn @ Rainy Day Recording Co.

Additional Production: Colin Klassen & Declan Hills

Mastered: Trevor Case @ Case Mastering

In the words of GreenWing:  ""At The Time" is a song that tackles the awkward moments in life when you think everything is just fine until someone close to you helps you achieve a new perspective on your situation and suddenly your eyes are opened to the reality with the newfound clarity. In the case of vocalist Matt Stinn, this was when a group of his friends lovingly staged an intervention to check on his mental and physical well-being following a year that could only be summed up as "hell." Tackling this heavy topic with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, this song’s playful vocals lean heavily on the one-two punch of GreenWing’s rhythm section featuring Travis Wiliams on bass and Kolton Kimbley on drums. All these elements are topped with a tasteful sprinkling of melodic hooks supplied by lead guitarist, Anthony Allegretto.

In the words of guitarist, Anthony Allegretto: "This song really captures how tight we’ve become as a band over the last year while retaining that chaotic live show GreenWing feeling. At The Time is kind of that first peel off a bandaid of having to take a look at yourself in the mirror while you think you’re doing great."

In the words of drummer, Kolton Kimbley: "For me, "At The Time" is a super hard-hitting and up-beat track. With driving rhythms and catchy riffs, the song shows off our pop sides, as well as keeping our heavy feel to it. It captures the energy we bring to our shows perfectly."

GreenWing "At The Time" Album Art: Reuben Bugera & Emily Brumwel

Album Art: Reuben Bugera & Emily Brumwel

LONG STORY SHORT: GreenWing's latest single, "At The Time," bursts out with an explosive combination of pounding drums and gritty distorted guitars from the get-go. As the song unfolds, it seamlessly weaves in melodic guitar riffs that add depth and dimension to its pop-punk meets hard-rock sound. Reflecting on themes of self-awareness and mental health, the track paints a vivid picture of becoming so entrenched in one's struggles that it's like being too close to a situation to see clearly until someone pulls you out. Lines like "At the time I felt alright... I was dizzy and angry/How did I miss that" encapsulate this introspective journey, underscored by a powerful wailing guitar solo that invites listeners to headbang along. Despite its brevity, "At The Time" packs a punch with its infectious energy and catchy, pop-infused refrain, delivering a message about the importance of seeking support and intervention during times of emotional turbulence.

GreenWing rockin' out!


Stream "At The Time" below! 


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