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Pop-Punk Revived: Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle" Delivers a Contemporary Anthem of Self-Discovery

Based in the heart of South Jersey, Wishful Thinking is a vibrant and energetic four-piece pop-punk band with an undeniable passion for their craft. Formed by the talented trio of Stephen (guitar/vocals), Evan (guitar/vocals), and Matt (bass/vocals) back in 2014, their enduring friendship and shared love for music have been the driving force behind their journey. In 2022, they welcomed a new member into their ranks, Dylan, an exceptionally skilled drummer with a wealth of experience gained from performing across multiple states and at various festivals, spanning a wide range of musical genres. These four upbeat and dynamic individuals bring their signature sound to the stage, characterized by catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and an unapologetic punk spirit. With an EP, a full-length album titled After Hours, and a collection of singles already under their belt, Wishful Thinking is ready to make their mark in the music scene, drawing inspiration from bands like Blink-182, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, and The Story So Far. Last week, Wishful Thinking released their anticipated single, "Water Bottle," let's dive into it.

Wishful Thinking Photo Credit: Dan Solitro

Photo Credit: Dan Solitro

"Water Bottle"

Written By: Wishful Thinking

Guitar, Vocals: Stephen, Evan

Bass, Vocals: Matt

Drums: Dylan

In the words of Wishful Thinking: "The song is about having a great friendship for so many years and finally getting the chance to be together in a real relationship only for it to fall apart unexpectedly. Then being able to get back on your feet and accomplish what you were set out for."

Wishful Thinking "Water Bottle"

LONG STORY SHORT: Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle," immediately feels like a nod to the genre's roots with its gritty guitar tones and classic pop-punk tropes. What sets it apart is the call-and-response vocals that inject a sense of urgency, perfectly complemented by tight, driving drums. The song features a strong guitar motif, a catchy riff that's hard to forget, and clear vocal tones that effortlessly convey the emotional journey at the heart of the lyrics.

Pop-punk is undergoing a successful evolution, blending its iconic angst and emo essence with a contemporary edge. With a mix of new and classic bands, the genre is enjoying a resurgence and proving its longevity and lasting appeal. Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle" is a perfect example of this shift.

The lyrics take the listener on a universal journey of self-discovery, evoking the feeling of being lost in a blur, with the end suggesting a path to liberation. Lines like "It’s all a blur and I’m not sure if where I think I’m at is what you’re asking for/Now I’m looking forward (tryna find my self now)...It happened for a reason (gonna set myself free)" provide a poignant and relatable narrative. "Water Bottle" encapsulates the essence of modern pop-punk and offers a powerful, resonant story that captures the essence of a generation seeking freedom and self-realization.


Stream "Water Bottle" below!


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