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GreenWing's "Enough": Confronting Life's Challenges with Grungey Guitars and Embracing a New Perspective

Updated: Apr 1

Emerging onto the Canadian music scene in 2021, GreenWing carved out their niche with a magnetic blend of captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms, and an electrifying stage presence. Their debut album, Late Bloomer, unleashed in 2022, catapulted them into the limelight, securing coveted opening slots for renowned acts like Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans, and Reinwolf. Garnering acclaim and a dedicated fan base, their 2023 single "Dark" solidified their status as a rising force in Canadian live music, culminating in accolades such as Sask Music's "Rock Artist of The Year." The group is gearing up for their sophomore album, Eatin' It, on March 15th, 2024, after releasing their single "At The Time" earlier in February and now their latest single from the record, "Enough." Let's step into their latest track!

GreenWing Photo Credit: Saul & Nova Creative

Photo Credit: Saul & Nova Creative


Songwriting, Production: GreenWing

Recorded, Mixed: Matt Stinn @ Rainy Day Recording Co.

Additional Production: Colin Klassen & Declan Hills

Mastered: Trevor Case @ Case Mastering

In the words of GreenWing's Bassist Travis Williams:

"Enough" really feels like a hybrid between old and new for me. It has the classic GreenWing Slam but doubles up with a freshness we have never had!  

The energy of the chorus gets you excited and the lyrics feel real and grounded. "Enough," to me, showcases what we as a band can do and it makes me excited for the future!"

GreenWing "Enough" Album Art: Reuben Bugera

Album Art: Reuben Bugera & Emily Brumwel

LONG STORY SHORT: GreenWing's latest single, "Enough," dives into the tough reality of navigating the complexities of being a twenty-something. With grungy guitars and gritty tones, the track captures the raw essence of the struggles many face in this phase of life. The track carries candid struggles that are more specific to the narrator like, "used to be able to Vomit a chorus/With a blind trust you'd sing it back" to more universal ideas of self-doubt and uncertainty, with verses like "I stopped running and watching my diet/My social life is at an all time low/The days are shorter and I'm feeling weaker/When I see the deadlines on my phone." Building on the themes explored in their previous single, "At The Time," "Enough" feels like a continuation but with a more positive outlook. It marks the start of a journey towards turning one's life around, as expressed in the chorus, "Yeah I, I’ve had enough/But trust, I haven't given up."

GreenWing's "Enough" tackles the struggles of keeping up with life in all of its facets while delivering a hopeful message of working to be better as the closing lines outline, "You got to grow and change perspective, or you'll do the same things and it won't last."

GreenWing live!


Stream "Enough" below! 


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