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Meet Asha Wells: The MIC's June Musician of the Month

Meet Asha Wells:

Asha Wells is a non-binary artist from the Bay area who started their musical journey as a child studying classical vocal performance and musical theater. Growing up, Wells moved to Salt Lake City with their family and found solace within the city's accepting underground music scene. After returning to San Francisco, Wells began experimenting with open guitar tunings, ethereal textures, and powerful imagery, being inspired by the greats Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Jeff Buckley. This year, Asha Wells released her highly anticipated debut album, Water Words.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Solo Artist Name: Asha Wells

Fun Facts: "I'm also a multimedia visual artist! I love to work in fiber arts, decorate, adorn, and adjust clothing for myself and my loved ones! I also make films and paint!"

What Makes Asha Wells stand out?

"My unique approach to songwriting and allowing myself to be fully engulfed in a song as it writes itself through me."

What has Asha Wells been working on?

"Water Words is the debut album from Bay Area-based non-binary artist Asha Wells.

Working with co-producer Jason Kick at his Tunnel Vision Studio in Oakland, the pair recorded 1-2 songs a week at the height of the pandemic. Kick brought his knack for arrangement, synthesis, and drum programming, helping to create a supportive environment for Wells’ atmospheric guitars and haunting melodies.

The resulting album pairs textured sounds with tender harmonies, calling to mind the work of contemporary art-forward singer-songwriters like Aldous Harding, Hand Habits, and Cate Le Bon as much as torchbearers like Patti Smith, Cat Power, and Fiona Apple."

What do you hope to be known for?

"The unique timbre of my voice [and] the lackadaisical delivery of potentially precious lyrical content as well as inventive production."

A Quote That has Inspired Asha Wells:

I’m not a pitiable creature. It’s just that i suffer very eloquently.’ -Joni Mitchell

Any advice for an aspiring musician?

"I try not to put myself in a box; whenever I think about writing something ‘like this’ or ‘about that,’ I find myself stuck or with subpar material. I’ve learned to let the process wash over me and take the work from there; it has more honesty and breaks down the walls I put up for myself."

Listen to Asha Wells Water Words


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