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Meet Emily Jeanne Brown: The MIC Mag's June Musician of the Month

Meet Emily Jeanne Brown

emily jeanne brown

Emily Jeanne Brown's music captures the essence of transitions: from childhood to adulthood, the journey from the West Coast to the East Coast, and the shift from a pre-pandemic to a post-pandemic world. With a foundation as a lifelong singer and training as a Shakespearean actor, Brown ventured into recording during quarantine with a powerful cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “i’m on fire,” which quickly amassed tens of thousands of streams. Since then, she has released a series of original singles in the vein of other current indie-folk pop women like boygenius, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers. Brown has also become known for her community-focused, sold-out performances at notable New York venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and The Owl Music Parlor. Her upcoming release, "Late Bloomer," the second single from her Nina EP, showcases her evolving artistry, co-produced by Deidre Muro and released through YouTooCanWoo’s imprint, Sunken Living Room.

This June, The MIC Mag is celebrating this incredible singer-songwriter, Emily Jeanne Brown, as our Musician of the Month!

Genre: Indie Folk/Rock Singer-songwriter

Artist Name: Emily Jeanne Brown

Fun Facts: "I grew up in Northern California, and I still consider myself bi-coastal. As much as I love Brooklyn, California will always have a big piece of my heart. I started my professional performing career as a stage actor and was trained in classical and musical theater singing as well as Shakespeare. For me, the point of all of this creative work is to find connection with other human beings through the power of storytelling, so my acting work has deeply informed my music and my approach to songwriting. If I wasn't an artist, I'd want to be a food critic. I am a passionate foodie and amateur chef, and I love hosting, cooking for friends and family, and talking about food!"

What Makes Emily Jeanne Brown Stand Out?

"I would say my lyric-writing, my singing voice, and especially lately, my amazing band. They make me sound like I know what I'm doing!"

emily jeanne brown

What is your Emily Jeanne Brown most known for?

"I've gotten amazing feedback on the first song I ever put out, my cover of Bruce Springsteen's "i'm on fire." I'm still really proud of that recording because the performance we captured is an honest interpretation of a song that I've always loved, sung from the perspective and experience of a woman. I hope that as I share more original music with the world, I will be known for bold and truthful songwriting, dynamic live shows, and helping people feel more human."

What has Emily Jeanne Brown been working on?

"On July 17th I'll be playing a single release show for my next single, "Late Bloomer" at Berlin in Manhattan, NY. You can purchase tickets and pre-save the song at the link in my IG bio."

Emily Jeanne Brown On The MIC "Proud"


"Music -- both the creation and the experiencing -- is just a way to remember what we really are: interconnected spiritual beings having a human experience. If my music can help deepen that collective understanding, I've done my job." - Emily Jeanne Brown


"Past Life" Emily Jeanne Brown

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"Continually return to what really matters to you about the whole process of music making: the writing, the recording, the releasing, the performing. At each stage of the creative life-cycle, what are you learning about yourself and what are you contributing? If you stay driven by your values and develop your own creative perspective, the more challenging parts of doing this on your own will not seem so difficult to navigate."

Listen to Emily Jeanne Brown here


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