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Meet Natasha Blaine: The MIC Mag's January Musician of the Month

Meet Natasha Blaine

Natasha Blaine

In the heart of the vibrant Nashville music scene, Natasha Blaine has carved a distinctive niche with her groovy and soulful sound, earning her acclaim as "one of Nashville's most acclaimed rising stars," according to Jrodconcerts. A musical journey-woman, Blaine seamlessly weaves her vocal jazz roots into a rich tapestry that blends the warmth of jazz with the infectious groove and drive of neo-soul and pop. Influenced by the likes of D'Angelo, Lianne La Havas, and Amy Winehouse, Blaine's artistry transcends genres, creating a sonic experience that captivates audiences and establishes her as a noteworthy force in the evolving landscape of contemporary music.

This January, The MIC Mag is celebrating Natasha Blaine, as our Musician of the Month!

Genre: Soul-Pop

Solo Artist

Fun Facts: "I grew up on an island outside of Seattle!"

What Makes Natasha Blaine Stand Out?

"My music is influenced by vocal jazz; I have a background in jazz and so does the rest of my band. In my music, I love fusing those jazzy ideas with honest songwriting and elements of neo-soul, pop, and R&B."

Natasha Blaine

What is Natasha Blaine most known for?

"I hope to be known for my songwriting--I am in love with jazzy melodies and chords--as well as the pure fun and groove of my live performances. We just have so much fun on stage, and my hope is that the audience feels that way too."

What has Natasha Blaine been working on?

"My most recent release "Coincidences. (...And more music is coming out in the beginning of 2024!!)"

'Coincidences' Natasha Blaine


"To create music is a sacred responsibility; I'm so lucky that I get to do it daily. I'm constantly working on diving deeper into my truth with my music, and this year is a big one for that." - Natasha Blaine


Natasha Blaine Tiny Desk Submission "Old Habits"

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"Don't be afraid to ask for help. I can't explain how many times I've tried to master a new skill overnight so I don't need to admit I need someone else to take the reins. We can't always be amazing at everything. That's when your tribe comes in. Find a tribe of people who support you, who not only understand but can supplement your visions with strengths of their own. Learning to let go more and ask for help is huge."

Listen to Natasha Blaine's Coincidences


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