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New Saviors' "Garden Of Lies": A Genre-Defying Track Challenging Religious Hypocrisy

Vermont's New Saviors is a four-piece band that skillfully merges post-rock elements with melodic metalcore influences, with moody and emotionally charged tracks that resonate long after the music stops. New Saviors released their self-titled EP in 2020, and have meticulously refined their craft, with the triumphant release of their Personal Hell EP in early 2023, which has already garnered over 120,000 streams on Spotify.

New Saviors are in a constant state of evolution, as evidenced by their successful tours that have left a significant mark in the North and Southeastern regions, solidifying their reputation as a formidable presence in the music scene. Last Friday, the band unveiled their highly anticipated single, "Garden Of Lies." Let's take a step into their new single!

New Saviors-Photo Credit: Ben Jennings

Photo Credit: Ben Jennings

"Garden Of Lies"

Vocals: Mick King

Vocals, Guitar: Zack King

Bass: Steve Paige

Drums: Kyle Frechette

Mixing and Mastering: Nick Matzkows

In the words of Mick King of New Saviors: "This song is our most ballsy callout to date. It’s about people who hide behind religion to justify their hateful words and actions. We poured our hearts, souls, and personal experiences into this track, and we want to use our platform to address issues like this because nobody has an excuse to do harm to others."

Filmed By: Robbie Lewis

LONG STORY SHORT: New Saviors' latest song, "Garden Of Lies," is a powerhouse of sound and lyrical depth that pushes the boundaries of their genre. Fierce drums and electric guitars create a sonic landscape that commands attention, while the standout feature is how the female vocals intertwine seamlessly with the more aggressive side of the male vocals, a signature of the genre, resulting in a compelling juxtaposition. Mick King's vocal talent shines brightly, showcasing an impressive vocal range.

At 2:13, the song takes a captivating turn with an atmospheric break, building space and adding a layer of anticipation that keeps the listener engaged.

What sets "Garden Of Lies" apart is its profound lyrical depth. The band's critique of individuals who manipulate religion to rationalize hate and divisive beliefs becomes vivid as they ingeniously adapt the structure of the common Christian bedtime prayer, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep." In a dark and captivating twist, they sing, "Go and rest your weary head, regret the way you made your bed/'Cause if you die before you wake, your tortured soul is mine to take." This reinterpretation of a well-known prayer creates a thought-provoking and emotionally charged musical experience that underscores the theme of using religion to justify hurtful ideologies.

"Garden Of Lies" New Saviors


Stream "Garden Of Lies" below!


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