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Nicolena's "December 25th," Captures the Heartache and Healing of Grief During the Holiday Season

Introducing Nicolena Cronin, an eighteen-year-old musical talent emerging from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Nicolena's musical journey started at the age of seven when she delved into piano lessons in her hometown. Beyond mastering the piano, she taught herself the guitar and ukulele and joined her school band to play the flute. Venturing into the realm of vocals, Nicolena began lessons with Jonn Savannah from the band "Squeeze," shaping her into a powerful vocalist. Notable achievements include winning various talent shows across New Jersey and making history as the first freshman to claim victory in the talent show at Lenape High School in Medford. Nicolena's musical palette spans genres, fusing modern pop, 1970s rock, 1990s grunge, and 2000s rock. Collaborating with producer Mike Birchard from the Philadelphia/South Jersey band "Split Decision," she has released three singles, with another just released this holiday season and a debut album in progress. Nicolena's music transcends generations, influenced by the likes of Elton John, Adele, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and a range of rock bands from Green Day to Fleetwood Mac. Nicolena just came back from living in Southern Ireland, where she immersed herself in the local music scene, learning traditional Irish songs and connecting with the community. Nicolena's global journey will continue as she embarks on studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, in January, seeking to further hone her musical craft and industry knowledge. Let's take a step into her new single, "December 25th."

Nicolena Cronin

Nicolena's latest holiday single, "December 25th," is a heartfelt Christmas tune that transcends the typical festive cheer, delving into the profound emotions associated with loss during the holiday season. This poignant track captures the essence of the challenges faced by those grieving the absence of a loved one, portraying a tender and deeply personal narrative.

Nicolena "December 25th"

The production of "December 25th" is nothing short of masterful, with a delicate balance of light guitar, reverb, and the subtle jingle of bells that evokes a sense of nostalgia and reflection. The song skillfully navigates the delicate terrain of grief, emphasizing the importance of the people we hold dear and the gratitude for the moments shared with them, as well as the enduring impact they've left behind.

As Nicolena takes us on a walk down memory lane through her evocative lyrics, she sings each line with an emotional depth that resonates profoundly. The poignant refrain, "Please promise me/You'll watch down from the stars," encapsulates the longing for a connection with those who have passed, beautifully expressing the desire for their presence, even in spirit.

In describing "December 25th," Nicolena aptly describes the song "takes place in that space between Heaven and Earth, a realm only music can reach."

LONG STORY SHORT: Nicolena's "December 25th" stands out as a beautiful and empathetic exploration of grief during the holiday season, offering solace and connection to those who resonate with its heartfelt message.


Stream "December 25th" below!


Written, performed by: Nicolena Cronin

Production: Nicolena Cronin and Mike Birchard


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