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On The MIC (Live at Rockwood Music Hall) with The Love Robots performing "Parking Lot"

The Love Robots step On The MIC this week, live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City performing their track, "Parking Lot."

Why The Love Robots Rock

  • alternative rock band from NJ

  • formed by Jon Vick & Charley Ruegger in 2019 and formerly known as The Stereo Police from '05-'10

  • During quarantine they added members Will Donaway and Ross Medine to complete the crew

  • all members bring a fresh take to the band with their wide range of influences from Metallica to Coldplay to The Allman Brothers and Radiohead

About "Parking Lot" "Parking Lot" is one of our first crowd-favorites from our first album, Lost in Transmission, released in March. The song is a great example of everyone's creative contributions to our overall sound and is the overall direction our second album is heading in." - The Love Robots

Check out The Love Robots' performance "On The MIC" below!


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