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On The MIC with Almost Famous Friends performing "If You Need Me"

This week Tristan of Austin Texas' Almost Famous Friends gets On The MIC to perform one of the band's new tracks, "If You Need Me," solo!

Why Almost Famous Friends Rocks

  • band of friends from Austin Texas featuring Tristan Wilson on lead vocals and guitar, along with Aris Manasco on drums, Hunter Sharpe on guitar, Colton Kincaid on bass, and Remy Manasco on guitar

  • embrace their self-proclaimed title of 'Chronic Sad Boys' of Austin

  • inspired by pop-punk of the early 2000's including Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and Hawthorne Heights

  • gearing up for their sophomore release, expect more tunes to follow!

About "If You Need Me" "If You Need Me” is a story about a quickly lit, and just as quickly diffused, love interest that went from heaven to hell in 24 hours or less (or your money back guaranteed.) The song was born in a way I imagine most great rock songs are, alone on the porch with nothing but a guitar, a smoke, and a head full of confusion and regrets to ponder. Influenced greatly by the rhythmic qualities of All American Rejects “Stab My Back,” the defining feel of the tune was created with the song's intro. After an evening of venting troubles and tribulations for the whole neighborhood to hear, the song in its entirety was completed. The original working title for the tune was “Healing,” as it was posted to lead singer Tristan’s social media as a one-take front porch acoustic performance. Later it came to be known as “If You Need Me,” a more fitting title, with the song being a confession of infatuation more than anything else. Recorded in the summer of 2019 with Overcast Recordings’ Kieran Krebs, the impact of the pandemic delayed our ability to tour in support of new releases and so we held this one back with our recently released “Hello, Again”. We couldn’t be more excited that “If You Need Me” will finally come to light." - Almost Famous Friends

Check out Tristan's performance "On The MIC" below!


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