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On The MIC with Auburn Grey performing "When We Crawl"

This week On The MIC we welcome Auburn Grey On The MIC! We are thrilled to be able to share this awesome performance of "When We Crawl," one of the tracks off their debut album!

Why Auburn Grey Rocks

  • nj alt-rock band formed in 2021

  • 4 members:

  • Paul Machado- vocals, guitar

  • Louis Perez- vocals, bass

  • Nathan Bozza- drums

  • Griffin Onopa- guitar

  • just released their self-titled debut album!

About "When We Crawl"

"When We Crawl” is a tidal wave that just breaks through with intensity and charisma. One of our favorite songs to record off the album because of the diabolical guitar tones and (intentional) guitar feedback on the track gives it a dark and sinister sound." -Auburn Grey

Check out Auburn Grey's performance "On The MIC" below!


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