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On The MIC with Cousin Oven performing "Komboloi"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Owen of Cousin Oven steps on the mic to give us a performance of his latest release and one of the tracks off his upcoming record, "Komboloi."

Why Cousin Oven Rocks

  • creates a uniquely voiced alternative rock group culls from Owen's experience as a classical trumpet player & jazz guitar

  • influenced by the raw and honest recordings of bands like Big Thief, Options, and Slaughter Beach Dog

  • has a new album on the way as new group including Nathan Giordano on bass and Steven McArdle on drums

  • Cousin Oven consistently performs around the Northern NJ and NYC circuit as a power trio that strips down the lush studio recordings to the song’s energetic core

About "Komboloi"

"I’ve been carrying around a set of worry beads (Komboloi) for about 12 years. My mom got them for me while we were on a trip to Greece in 2010 with my high school concert band. They’re made out of a deep dark amber and have a smooth but almost soft touch to them. More often than not they spend their time at the bottom of my pocket creating a lumpy indent in the ridge of my wallet, but every now and then instead of taking out my phone I’ll pull out the worry beads and swing them around to relieve stress. I can’t go anywhere without them.

I’ve been meaning to write a song about them for a while, but I was struggling with finding an angle or purpose for the song. I didn’t want it to come off as a weird love song to an inanimate object. I found myself ruminating over the idea of losing my worry beads. Along with these thoughts came flashbacks of the trip to Greece. I remember seeing incredible monasteries perched on the top of mountains, strange street vendors selling replica knives and weird little splatting tomato toys, a pack of stray dogs following us around biting car tires, and feeling just a general sense of uncertainty and feeling stuck in a situation beyond myself (During this trip we got stuck in Greece due to an Icelandic volcanic eruption which grounded flights coming in and out of Europe.). I hope these images and feelings come across in the song. This is one of my favorites on the album and a favorite to play live."

- Owen, Cousin Oven

Check out Cousin Oven's performance "On The MIC" below!


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