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On The MIC with D. Marin Perez performing "Say it Plain"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This week D. Marin steps on the mic to give us an exclusive performance of his track, "Say It Plain" filmed by James Hur of Hur Photography.

Why D. Marin Perez Rocks

  • singer-songwriter from a suburb of Fort Lauderdale Florida

  • grew up in a Cuban-American family listening to the Beatles and Mormon hymns

  • as a teenager often wrote about young adulthood, songwriting became a place of real residence: to hide, to be found, and to integrate a sense of family, belonging, religion, justice, relationship, and loss

  • draws inspiration from indie rock, rhythm-and-blues, folk, and pop

About "Say it Plain"

"about that circumstance where deep love expires, but the very real memories and longing persists. I released this song (with full band arrangement!) in May of this year, so it's a brand new single!" -D. Marin Perez

Check out D. Marin Perez's performance "On The MIC" below!


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