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On The MIC with D. Marin Perez with an *EXCLUSIVE* premiere of his track "Restless"

This week we're excited to treat you to a mid-week episode of On The MIC! This extra special added Season 3 episode, is an exclusive premiere of D. Marin Perez's new single, "Restless," officially out December 6th! The performance was filmed by James Hur of Hur Photography.

Why D. Marin Perez Rocks

  • singer-songwriter from a suburb of Fort Lauderdale Florida

  • grew up in a Cuban-American family listening to the Beatles and Mormon hymns

  • as a teenager often wrote about young adulthood, songwriting became a place of real residence: to hide, to be found, and to integrate a sense of family, belonging, religion, justice, relationship, and loss

  • draws inspiration from indie rock, rhythm-and-blues, folk, and pop

About "Restless"

"Restless" is a semi-neurotic song from 2020 that, in retrospect, probably has a lot more to do with attachment style than I realized when writing it. Attachment style -- y'know, that theory about our patterns of relating to other people in family, friendship, relationship, etc. I think we all carry some baggage around that -- relating in healthy, vulnerable ways to the people closest to us. Coming awake to fractured or less-than-ideal relational dynamics and patterns is a wild ride -- unnerving and liberating at the same time, if you can get brave enough to seek healing. I think that's definitely a journey I'm on. Here’s a song about a time in my life when I was just starting to peek under the rug." -D. Marin Perez

  Check out D. Marin Perez's performance "On The MIC" below!


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