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*EXCLUSIVE* On The MIC with Deanna DiLandro performing "Message for Isaiah"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This week Deanna DiLandro gives us an intimate performance of her *unreleased* track "Message for Isaiah"! Track only found here on The MIC's YouTube channel!

Why Deanna Rocks

  • singer-songwriter from NJ

  • in the expressive NJ rock band Powerlines

  • started singing in 5th grade with the help of Cher CD and an obsession with American Idol

  • co-founded her own record label! Weird Sister Records with Madison Hetterly to create a healthy label environment in a misogynistic industry

About "Message for Isaiah"

"Message for Isaiah" is one of Deanna's first songs written on guitar. She is a beginner, but enjoys her scrappy style of playing that suits her personality. The song is a message to a lover (and now all future lovers) about her needs in a partnership, that although conveyed in conversation, weren't quite heard so she thought she'd put it into song. Could she be more clear?

Check out Deanna DiLandro's performance "On The MIC" below!


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