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On The MIC with HOLZLI performing "Follow Me"

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

For our second episode of season 2, we bring you Holzli! This trio from NJ might even be your new favorite.

Why Holzli Rocks

  • originally formed as a duo in 2018 when DHR & Tommy Vodka met at Rutgers University

  • in 2022, the band turned into a power trio with the addition of drummer Sal Carollo

  • while they only started as a dorm room jam, Holzli now experiment with different genres to create their own musical blend

  • all members are multi-instrumentalists, swapping instruments between songs to keep things fresh

  • released a live album in August of their second ever live show as a trio!

About "Follow Me"

""Follow Me" was written in the fall of 2021. It's about the prevalence of social media and how each year it gets taken more and more seriously. The verses of the song comment on how vain social media can be. The chorus is about how even though as a band we see social media and the internet in this negative light, we still take part in it, and we're just as vain as everyone else." - Holzli

Check out Holzli's performance "On The MIC" below!


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